Sexual Assault Referral Centres – How can we help? – Oct & Nov 2023

patient-facing people trustwide.

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As ambulance professionals, we are likely to meet people that disclose sexual violence/ assault to us. It is important for both short and long-term management and recovery that we handle this well, and that we are aware of the referral pathways available to us. Many people don’t know what Sexual Assault Referral Centres (SARCs) can provide, don’t know how to refer to them and don’t know that the police don’t need to be involved in this process

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Volunteer to be a patient for an OSCE with UoC – Bridgewater – multiple dates

Student or SWASFT staff

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OSCE stands for Objective Structured Clinical Examination. SWAST Students on the BSc paramedic degree apprenticeship programme with the University of Cumbria (UoC) need to complete a level 5 system assessment OSCE and a level 6 patient assessment OSCE.

Volunteering to play the role of a patient is a fantastic opportunity to see an OSCE without being assessed and meet the team! You do not need any prior knowledge or acting experience.

This is a great opportunity for all, but particularly for those who are aspiring to be on the programme and current students. You will also receive a UoC CPD certificate for your participation.

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All staff welcome to sign up, but this training is predominantly aimed at staff who don't necessarily have any clinical training.

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Predominantly aimed at staff who don't necessarily have any clinical training, eLifesaver is your opportunity to learn what an emergency looks like and how you should respond to it. By learning essential lifesaving skills, you have the power to help increase the number of people who could survive an out-of-hospital cardiac arrest in the South West.

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ParaPass & ParaFolio App

Available to registered clinicians (+AP's and AT's & students).

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The ParaPass App is a vast, user friendly, digital platform that includes tools and information to support paramedic learning and development, developed by the same people who produced JRCALCPlus.
N.B. Everyone who needs access to PGD's via ParaPass Lite will continue to have access via the usual processes. However, you will need to sign up below to gain full access to the ParaPass App.

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Jan & May 24 starts -SWASFT Practice Educator Course – 30 credits L7 – In Partnership with UoG

All staff - All depts

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Jan & May 2024 starts - This interactive e-learning module has been created in partnership with the University of Gloucestershire with registered healthcare professionals (primarily Paramedics) in mind, and the language may at times refer to ambulance placements or paramedics specifically.

It is however also suitable for non-registered staff as it deals with the basics of practice education.

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*VIRTUAL* UoP – Clinical Supervision L6 Module 2023/24 – Multiple Cohorts

L6 - 20 Credits - Open to all staff - non-registered & registered.

WestRegistered Clinicians

These six study units have been produced to help healthcare professionals to understand the principles of clinical supervision and how it works in practice. This can be used in place of a Mentorship qualification.

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Palliative & End-of-life Care Training Programme

All staff & students - most beneficial to patient focused roles

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Open to all All staff & students. A three-step course aiming to deliver practical, focused, frontline palliative care skills and knowledge to all ambulance clinicians across the whole Southwest. The first step will be a focused handbook on palliative care, sent out before the course start date.
The second step is a virtual, interactive teaching day on July 12th. (*This is now a recorded session for those that couldn't attend*). During this day we will build on the concepts in the handbook. .
The final step will be to attend a 1-hour Q&A session. This will allow you to ask any specific questions to a palliative care specialist.

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The Science of Happiness – OCT / NOV 2022 – Dates TBC

All staff - All depts

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June 22nd start - 4 weeks drop in sessions & optional (recommended) live lecture every Wed evening.

This course is not like most others we have advertised on SWASTCPD.
This course is not a wellbeing or self help course to improve your mental health and happiness; it is a course to explore the understand the what, how and why of happiness based on rigorous evidence based and peer reviewed science. But, when people complete this course, there has been a clear and measurable significant positive effect on student's mental well-being.

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