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ParaPass full CPD access

Why it’s different to PGD access & personal paid for access


Standard Trust access

All Clinicians have access to JRCALC+ app which you should all be familiar with. Bundled into this access is a limited version of ParaPass which allows you to take knowledge check quizzes for your PGDs.

This is managed by the Clinical team. (All JRCALC + & PGD ParaPass queries should be directed to them). 


Full CPD access

The full version of ParaPass also has a really wide selection of CPD quizzes, case studies, videos and podcasts. Previously, we didn’t purchase this, as the learning is aligned to JRCALC guidelines, & the learning wouldn’t match the many SWASFT additional guidance. We really wanted to get this resource for Clinicians, so we purchased licences, & over the last year our LDOs have been working hard to write content that matches SWASFT guidelines.

This is managed by the CPD Team – Any (NON PGD) CPD ParaPass queries should be directed to us. 

We now have enough SWASFT specific content to give you full CPD access. Access is granted on request- just ask below!

This is because the licence is purchased for 2 yrs at a time, & the clock doesn’t start until it’s turned on. So it’s more cost effective to only give access to those who want it.

(This is ongoing work as guidelines change and are updated, & we have a process in place to remove content when a guideline is changed so out of date learning shouldn’t be visible).


Personal paid access

If you have paid for Para Pass and already have CPD access, this won’t show the SWASFT specific content. You will need to request access to the SWASFT version below.

(Class can migrate your paid account ON REQUEST to a free one so you don’t lose the data)

The ParaPass App is a vast, user friendly, digital platform that includes tools and information to support paramedic learning and development, developed by the same people who produced JRCALCPlus.

A wealth of quick, straightforward resources to support your learning and CPD on the move:

  • Standby CPD
  • Case Studies
  • Progress Dashboard
  • Quizzes *including content created by SWASFT LDO’s to cover SWASFT guidelines and annotations
  • Scenarios
  • Evidence Based
  • Knowledge Checks
  • Downloadable Certificates
  • **Coming soon** integrated CPD portfolio 

Updated on a monthly basis with new peer reviewed content!

ParaFolio is not yet approved for SWASFT devices (including personal issue iPads- a request is pending so no need to put in a request).
It will need to be accessed through your personal phone, tablet or computer. You can download the app on several devices.
The ParaFolio app is a new CPD management tool for organising your portfolio for audit. It is available to all Trust users who have access to the ParaPass app.
What is it?

ParaFolio is a new app from Class Publishing that integrates with your existing JRCALC & ParaPass CPD (much more than PGD access) account*

*You will need a FREE CPD ParaPass log in – just apply on this page below – it’s funded by SWASFT!

(Existing self-funded ParaPass accounts can be migrated to a SWASFT funded one without losing data).

  • Read a guideline, complete a quiz, read a case study – it will automatically show in your ParaFolio.
  • Just write a reflection, add an evidence tag and ParaFolio will do the rest and produce an HCPC ready portfolio.
  • You can download, print export whenever you like. Added guidance and how to get ready for HCPC audit.
  • You can access direct from your phone or tablet or use the web browser version.
Overview of features
  • Curate your CPD portfolio by submitting evidence and adding reflections.
  • Link evidence to standards of proficiency for CPD.
  • Quick overview of which mandatory and optional competencies you have already met.
  • Add personal tags to submitted evidence for easy organisation.
  • Export your CPD portfolio at the click of a button.
  • Links to ParaPass and JRCALC Plus, so you can reflect on your learning in those apps.
How much does it cost?

Nothing! Did we mention it’s free for SWASFT (substantive) Registered Clinicians? (Please make sure you don’t go direct to the Class website and pay for it).


Just download the app here, log in with your existing details, and it will sync with your JRCALC and ParaPass account:

Download on iOS

Download on Android

Click on the image to enlarge & see Para Pass features
Click on the image to go to the Class Publishing youtube channel for how to videos

*ParaPass is now available to students and registered clinicians (plus AP’s and AT’s)*

Please use the form below to sign up; when all licences for a week have been allocated, you will see a “course full” message instead of the form. *We will only be processing a set number of applications each week, as we don’t have the capacity to process them all at once.

After signing up, you will be sent instructions detailing what to do next, including how to download and access Para Pass. Once registered, you will need to wait for your user profile to be updated; please do not pay for the App – it will not be possible to reimburse the cost if you do.

Access to PGD’s via ParaPass Lite is a separate process and continues to be managed by the Clinical Team. This is available to all staff who need access to PGD’s including bank staff. If you have any queries about this or PGD’s please email

The protected characteristics monitoring form is separate to the main application form ; completion is optional & anonymous. We ask for information on your ‘protected characteristics’ in order to help us monitor our performance on equality.

If you have already completed this form since April 2024 & nothing has changed, there is no need to complete again.

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