Welcome to the L&D Education Day Page

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Welcome to the L&D Education Day Page

After a difficult year where operational demand and external pressures have led to limited classroom education, the learning and development team are pleased to announce a return to the classroom for 2022/23.

The content has been designed to both provide an update on contemporary clinical knowledge, and allow you the chance to practice a wide range of clinical skills in a safe and supportive environment.

Clinical Education Day:
  • Obstetric Care
  • Safety Netting, informed consent and mental capacity
  • Frailty
  • Care of the cardiac patient
  • Respiratory system examination


Core Skills Education Day:
  • Introduction to clinical supervision
  • Newborn Life Support
  • Paediatric Life Support
    • Medical
    • Trauma
  • Adult Life Support
    • Medical
    • Trauma
  • Decision making in resuscitation
  • Scenario based resuscitation skill refresher including
    • Needle Skills
    • Difficult Airway Management.
  • Team leadership


Periodic Education Day:
  • Conflict resolution
  • Prevention and Management of Violence and Aggression
  • Case based group discussion



The days will be 7.5 hrs long and run from 08:30-16:30. Venue and date will be confirmed by ROC.

For further reference information around individual topics please refer to individual joining instructions which can be viewed below.

COVID 19 Information:

The wearing of masks will be in line with current Trust and Government guidance as well as in respect to sector guidance for the chosen venues. Please ensure that you follow current SWASFT guidance if you should have Covid-19 symptoms.

Please bring your personal issue hand sanitiser with you to maintain hand hygiene during the day.

PPE supplies, hand sanitiser and Clinell wipes will be available throughout the day to also minimise risk. Please use these frequently.


Lunch & refreshments:

Please note that lunch will not be provided. However, tea, coffee and the ability to reheat meals will be available at the training venue.


What to wear:

Due to the practical nature of the day the dress code is uniform please.


What else to bring:

If you have been issued a Trust iPad please bring it with you, elements of the day’s require access to the JRCALC app.



*ROC will advise you which training venue you will need to attend. Please contact ROC if unsure.*


Joining instructions:

Joining instructions for each day can be downloaded via the tab below.


If you have any questions or concerns please contact your local OO or LDO.

Please click on the relevant link below to view joining instructions for each day:


Clinical Education Day

Core Skills Education Day

Periodic Education Day


N.B. Pre-reading information can also be found within these joining instructions.