Ambulance Nurses

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SWASFT have recruited a number of Nurses in recognition of their previous experience with acutely unwell patients and the benefits that multi-disciplinary working can bring to our patients.
Course overview

The Nurse conversion course takes 14 weeks and combines classroom time with time spent on placement as the third person on a front-line ambulance to consolidate the learning. The course is pass or fail and includes OSCEs and a portfolio of learning. Classroom content includes but is not limited to:

  • Manual handling and kit familiarisation
  • Conflict resolution and capacity
  • AMLS
  • Patient assessment and clinical scenarios.
  • Trauma
  • Mental health and dementia
  • Safeguarding
  • Major incidents
  • Paediatric care.

Once the course is completed, Ambulance nurses will experience a preceptorship experience followed by autonomous practice. As Band 6 clinicians Nurses will be able to be named mentors for our university students as well as preceptors for future Nurses and NQPs. They will be able to work on an RRV following their own SOP which is similar to that of an Band 6 paramedic. When working with a paramedic, both registered clinicians are responsible for patient care the same way two paramedics working together would be.

Read more in the staff bulletin article on the 25th Jan 2024

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