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Paula Windsor

Head of Education (Acting)

I live in Gloucestershire with my husband and 2 children, Oscar aged 9 and Amelia aged 6, a dog, a cat, chickens and sheep. I have been working within the ambulance service for 19 years, and every day I feel proud to work for SWASFT.

In 2000 I joined the then Avon Ambulance Service being one of the first 8 graduates in the country to have obtained a BMedSci Hons in Paramedic Studies. I can’t say my journey was easy back then but my experiences moulded me into the person, Paramedic and role I am now in. I went on to train as a Critical Care Paramedic working on the first HEMS unit to be based in Bristol in 2008. I then became a Clinical Team Leader supporting a mentor team to host the first official graduate intake from the University of West of England. After that, I turned my attention to becoming a more senior manager to be able to have a wider sphere of influence in supporting staff and promoting patient safety; working for 3 years as an Operations Manager. In 2015 I then applied for the role of Learning and Development Manager for Gloucestershire, Wiltshire and BNSSG.

Within my current role I support 20 Learning and Development officers who train and clinically review over 1300 staff. More recently my portfolio has increased to now be the South Western Ambulance Service lead for Partner University relations, Student and Mentor support, with an additional team of 4 placement coordinators. I have recently (past 5 years!) been working towards an MSc and have one final module to complete. My passion from the start was to be a Paramedic providing the best care to our patients, I am now in a very privileged position in supporting staff and students to deliver the same.

Chris Read

Deputy Head of Education (Acting)

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Emma Whitcombe

Learning & Development Manager
Placement, CPD, TEL (Sec.)

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Charlotte Ryan

Learning & Development Manager
Recruitment (Sec.)

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Commerical Training Manager - Robin Gwinnett

Robin Gwinnett

Learning & Development Manager
Driving & Recruitment

I’ve worked for the ambulance service since 2000, & currently look after the Driver Training & First Aid Training teams. In addition to this I am also the Chairman of the National Driver Training Advisory Group (DTAG) for NHS ambulance services. I regularly respond to emergency calls in order to maintain my clinical competence, & enjoy working in our fast paced organisation.

Mike Nixon

Mike Nixon

Learning & Development Manager
A&E Service line & Hub


Mike joined the ambulance service in 1994 as a Technician based at Minehead ambulance station. He then trained as a Paramedic, ECP and moved to Taunton. In 2008 he joined the education team, based in Somerset in which he has undertaken a number of roles and is now the L&D manager for Somerset and Dorset- East.

Clinical areas of interest

Mike has a wide range of clinical interests, with a particular interest in resuscitation, Specialist Paramedicine and Mental Health.

Personal Interests

Mike lives in Somerset with his family, wife Diana, daughter Ilinca and the old English sheepdog Marla. In his spare time, Mike enjoys travelling, cycling, walking and keeping fit.

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Rhys Griffiths

Learning & Development Manager
A&E Service Line

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Alex Jamieson

CPD Team Leader

I joined the Ambulance service in 2001, starting on PTS, moving to A&E Operations for several years, working as a Tech, Paramedic & Officer; then joining HART as a Team Leader during its inception in Bristol. I returned to A&E Operations in Bristol a few years later, working as an Operations Officer, until moving to Learning & Development in 2015 as Practice Placement Coordinator. I then took on the role of CPD Lead in 2017.

Prior to the Ambulance service I worked in quite a few different jobs, & loved to travel, mainly working in Outdoor education & I still love to get out in the outdoors when I can.

Louie Amos

L&D Apprentice

We are pleased to welcome Louie to the team! He joined us in July 2020 as an apprentice in the Learning & Development department. His main role will be working closely (well about 2m), with the CPD Lead, and assisting with CPD. You may see him out and about as he learns all about the ambulance service and SWASfT. Louie is new to the NHS and is busy learning about the Trust as well as learning a host of new skills.

Hannah Rogers-Smith

CPD Project Officer

I have had varied experiences in my working life; I am a physiotherapist by background where I have worked in central London & North Somerset in both acute and community settings. Prior to training as a physio I worked in events. I am excited to morph these skills and experiences in my new role as CPD projects officer.

Lizzie Ryan

Learning & Development Officer

I have worked for the Trust for 15 years. I joined the Trust as Head of Education for West Country and moved to the role of Training Manager when the Trust merged with Dorset Ambulance Service. I then became the Education Business Manager, supporting the move to high education, and carried out this role for 10 years.

I now work as a Learning and Development Officer and support the Trust delivering the University Modules in Mentorship and Clinical Supervision, and an OfQual qualification in the Award in Education and Training. I live in Plymouth but travel across the Trust to support the Trusts staff in their developmental aspirations in HE.

Sasha Johnston

Research Paramedic/Academic Advisor

I have worked for the ambulance service since 2002. I have mainly worked in the Bristol area and spent 18 months working in the Caribbean for the Cayman Islands ambulance service.

I have worked in a variety of roles, including as part of the project team that set up Bristol HART, as a clinical advisor in the clinical hub, a practice educator, lead paramedic, and more recently as a research paramedic as SWASFT’s lead for the Take Home Naloxone TIME feasibility trial.

I found the higher education system fairly daunting, but have so far managed to successfully navigate my way through the system. I am very excited to take the opportunity to share my experience and knowledge to support people looking to navigate their way through the higher education system themselves.


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John Ball

TEL Team Leader

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Lucy Sampson

L&D Technologist

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Sarah Dalby

L&D Technologist

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Practice Placement Support team

Marie Knowles

PPC Team Leader 0.5 & PPC - UoP

I have worked for the Trust for 19 years in a variety of roles within the People and Culture Directorate.  Starting within the HR department as an HR assistant, I moved on to Recruitment Manager for 8 years, and on to Workforce Coordinator working with a team to manage placements for the OU Student Paramedic programme and then on to Practice Placement Coordinator in 2015.

I live in Exeter, but travel through Devon, Cornwall and Somerset in this role, visiting stations across the patch to meet practice educators face to face and be there for any queries or concerns.

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Sian Airey

Practice Placement Coordinator - BU

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Nicola Shephard

PPC Team Leader 0.5 & PPC - UoG

I joined Gloucestershire Ambulance service at the minimum recruitment age of 21 as a care Technician, in 2004 I progressed to Technician and then in 2007 I qualified as a Paramedic – the youngest Paramedic in Gloucestershire at 27! I started on a DCA but moved onto a RRV full time which I thoroughly enjoyed.

Further to being a road Paramedic I have been the Frequent Caller Lead for Gloucestershire and a Datix investigator. I was successful in application to the Practice Placement Coordinator role in 2019 having been seconded to position in early 2018.

I enjoy working closely with the students at the grassroots of their journey with SWASFT and now starting to see those students recruited as NQPs frontline. To follow and be involved in their journey feels a great privilege. I live in Gloucestershire but looking forward to becoming a more visual presence on stations across the BNSSG, Wiltshire and Gloucestershire areas to meet Practice Educators and students face to face for any queries, concerns and support.

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Jessica Eddy

Practice Placement Coordinator - UWE

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James Buckley

Practice Placement Coordinator -

I joined the Ambulance Service Back in 2005 as part of the High Dependency Unit (HDU) team, assisting the Bristol Children’s Hospital in emergency Paediatric retrievals throughout the South West. We were the forerunners of the ECA role which was pioneering for the trust back then. I graduated as a Paramedic in 2013 after completing the four year OU course, initially working on DCAs but eventually moving across to the RRV team which I found challenging yet rewarding.

In August last year I became the newest member of the practice placement team, which is a new concept of working for me, but I feel very privileged to be part of such an amazing team, all of whom are dedicated in assisting both practice educators and students throughout the three years it takes for the students to become qualified paramedics.

Although I live and work in Bristol I try to get down to Dorset as much as possible; in the new year I will be visiting a lot of the stations there to meet and support the students but most of all to meet our wonderful practice educators who pass their wealth of knowledge and skills to our future Paramedics.

Jennings Mitchell

University Liaison Officer -

At the tender age of 29 I joined West Country Ambulance Service as a direct entry Trainee Technician, having spent many years working in hospitality, language teaching and advertising roles. Three years later, in 2008, I became a Paramedic, and after five years in this role (in which I mentored several Nursing and Paramedic students) I was successful in an appointment to the South Devon Learning & Development team as an LDO.

In my current role as University Liaison Officer I am a full-time member of the People & Culture directorate, working closely with students and staff from our partner universities Gloucester, UWE, Bournemouth and Plymouth, to ensure that there are close links and effective processes in every aspect of our mutually vital relationships.

I remain a Paramedic at heart and care deeply about the care I’m able to provide; I respond regularly, do the odd shift when I can, and completed a BSc in Urgent & Emergency Care in 2018.

Wendy Pearce

LDO/HEE Paramedic

Salisbury born and bred, I have worked for the ambulance service for the last 11 years. Like Paula Windsor, I graduated from the same university and was the last cohort to achieve the same BMedSci (Hons). I am currently working towards my MSc in Enhancing Paramedic Practice.

My road to joining the ambulance service was a turbulent one, but I joined as an ECA in 2009.  Went on to complete the OU degree and qualified as a Paramedic in 2015. I became a mentor shortly after graduating and pulled on both my ECA skill set and University Education. I have always had a passion for mentoring and developing the workforce of the future, and 2 years ago I was successful in securing a role within Learning and Development. This role has enabled me to watch people grow and develop into autonomous clinicians who clinically appraise and reason their work, a role that I love and have a passion for.

We all thank you for your role as Practice Educators, and are very proud of the work that you do with our students to support them through their placements. We were all once students and I hope you can remember how daunting and scary this time was. Remember we, the team are here to provide support and advice when needed to all of you..


Sam Copson

Dr Samuel Copson

Learning & Development Doctor - SWASFT

Kieran Whittle

Dr Kieran Whittle

Learning & Development Doctor

Bio coming soon!

Bio coming soon!



Lesley Altoft (LDO Team Leader – L&D operations workstream)

Lizzie Ryan (CPD Team – AET , UoP Lecturer – Mentorship, Clinical Supervision)

Andy Newman

Rowena Griffiths

Jonathan White

Andy Kardynal

Andy West

Ben Hillitt

Richard Carter

Wendy Pearce

James Stark

Jason Clark

Charlotte Davies

Helen Everett

Rebecca Wilson

Georgina Lambert (SP LDO)

Keziah Pietersen

Rebecca Simmons

Lucie Taylor

Paul Hudson

Henry Fielding

Matt Davis (SP LDO)


Gemma Ackerman

Seb Brown

Brett Chard

Ian Dick (LDO Team Leader A&E Ops workstream)

Gavin Fitzpatrick (LDO Team Leader – A&E Ops workstream)

Steve Stratton

Andrew Wade (LDO Team Leader – A&E Ops workstream)

Pete Weeks (LDO Team Leader –  A&E Ops & Cumbria Apprenticeship workstreams)

Timothy Clarke

Iain Odhams

Russell Timms

Gemma Richards

Katie Williams

North & East Devon
South & West Devon
Cornwall & Isles of Scilly

Paul Down (SP LDO)

Jeremy Goodchild

Melanie Maskell

Liz Brown

Dave White

Richard Walker

Neil Hunt

John Ball (LDO team Leader TEL workstream)

Lee Thirlby

Chris Ward

Steve Knowles

Nathan Wilson

Nigel Harris

Janette Wilton

Marc Moyle

Sian Phoenix

Jonathan Brownwett

Rachel Connett

Ross Higgins

Glyn Harding

Robert Pascoe

Gerry King (SP LDO)


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Joanne Kay

Training Administrator

Joanne provides training administrative support for the North Education Centre & BNSSG, Glos. & Wilts L&D staff.

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Juliet Waddell

Training Administrator

Juliet provides training administrative support for the Taunton training centre & L&D staff.

Kym Edwards

Training Administrator

I joined SWAST in 2014 as an Apprentice Administrator based in the West division training college to complete my NVQ level 2 in business administration. Following completion of the level 2 award, I stayed with SWAST as the Training Administrator for the West Division.

I was awarded the Apprentice of the Year for Business Administration by my college for my work during 2015.

I am a keen football supporter, an avid reader and enjoy regularly attending live events in my home town of Plymouth.

I now provide admin support for Derrifird Tarining coillege & L&D staff

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Denise Curtis

Training Administrator

Denise provides training administrative support for the North Education Centre & BNSSG, Glos. & Wilts L&D staff and CPD /TEL/ PP

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Zennor Edwards

Training Administrator

Zennor provides training administrative support for the Derriford Training College & Devon & Cornwall L&D staff.