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Paula Windsor

Assistant Director of People Development & Education Transformation

I live in Gloucestershire with my husband and 2 children, Oscar aged 9 and Amelia aged 6, a dog, a cat, chickens and sheep. I have been working within the ambulance service for 19 years, and every day I feel proud to work for SWASFT.

In 2000 I joined the then Avon Ambulance Service being one of the first 8 graduates in the country to have obtained a BMedSci Hons in Paramedic Studies. I can’t say my journey was easy back then but my experiences moulded me into the person, Paramedic and role I am now in. I went on to train as a Critical Care Paramedic working on the first HEMS unit to be based in Bristol in 2008. I then became a Clinical Team Leader supporting a mentor team to host the first official graduate intake from the University of West of England. After that, I turned my attention to becoming a more senior manager to be able to have a wider sphere of influence in supporting staff and promoting patient safety; working for 3 years as an Operations Manager. In 2015 I then applied for the role of Learning and Development Manager for Gloucestershire, Wiltshire and BNSSG.

Within my current role I support 20 Learning and Development officers who train and clinically review over 1300 staff. More recently my portfolio has increased to now be the South Western Ambulance Service lead for Partner University relations, Student and Mentor support, with an additional team of 4 placement coordinators. I have recently (past 5 years!) been working towards an MSc and have one final module to complete. My passion from the start was to be a Paramedic providing the best care to our patients, I am now in a very privileged position in supporting staff and students to deliver the same.

Rhys Griffiths

Head of Education

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Commerical Training Manager - Robin Gwinnett
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Stacey Robinson


Robin Gwinnett

Driving Training

Lesley Altoft

ECA, Induction & Recruitment

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I’ve worked for the ambulance service since 2000, & currently look after the Driver Training & First Aid Training teams. In addition to this I am also the Chairman of the National Driver Training Advisory Group (DTAG) for NHS ambulance services. I regularly respond to emergency calls in order to maintain my clinical competence, & enjoy working in our fast paced organisation.

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Alex Jamieson

Professional Development & Practice Placement, Preceptorship, NQPs (Maternity leave cover)

Emma Whitcombe

EOC, Mandatory training

Lydia Miller

(Maternity leave ) Practice Placement, Preceptorship, NQPs

I started my career in outdoor education and pursuits, working as an instructor and river guide for several years. This was great fun and I got to travel the world getting into all sorts of scrapes. returning to the UK, I saw a job in the paper (yes it was that long ago!) for the Ambulance service. I have now worked for the Ambulance service for over 20 years; mainly in Bristol, starting in Avon Ambulance, GWAS and now SWASFT. I started my career on Patient Transport (PTS), moving into A&E operations as a Technician, Paramedic for a few years before working in a variety of roles as a front-line Officer.  When HART began, it looked to be a great mix my previous career with being a Paramedic. I thoroughly enjoyed my time in HART, but in the end was drawn back to wider Operations.  Eventually I found a home in L&D as a Placement coordinator, then CPD Lead, and spent a year part time working for Gloucestershire CCG in a split role. I now work looking after professional development and support and manage the CPD team and Clinical Supervision team, working closely with the apprenticeship and practice placement teams.

I am married with 2 daughters and a dog, and whenever I can find time outside of family life and work, I like to get in a river or up a mountain with my old friends from my previous career.

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Charlotte Ryan


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Rowena Griffiths

L&D Team Leader
(North Education Centre)

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Ian Dick

L&D Team Leader

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Hannah Rogers - Smith

CPD Team Leader

I have had varied experiences in my working life; I am a physiotherapist by background where I have worked in central London & North Somerset in both acute and community settings. Prior to training as a physio I worked in events management. I love the variety of the world of CPD within SWASFT and enjoy the contact with staff who benefit from the opportunities we offer. Always open to suggestions and feedback, so please do feel free to get in touch!

Lara Covill

CPD Project Officer

I joined SWAST in January 2024 and love the inspiring nature of working in the Learning and Development team. While my background was originally in publishing, I worked in safeguarding and Project Support roles for the NHS before joining the Trust.

My role covers a variety of CPD projects, as well as oversight of applications, marketing and promotion of CPD opportunities and data management.

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Lizzie Ryan

Education Lead - Practice Education
& Clinical Supervision Lead

I have worked for the Trust for 15 years. I joined the Trust as Head of Education for West Country and moved to the role of Training Manager when the Trust merged with Dorset Ambulance Service. I then became the Education Business Manager, supporting the move to high education, and carried out this role for 10 years.

I now work as a Learning and Development Officer and support the Trust delivering the University Modules in Mentorship and Clinical Supervision, and an OfQual qualification in the Award in Education and Training. I live in Plymouth but travel across the Trust to support the Trusts staff in their developmental aspirations in HE.

Louise Gainard

Education Lead
Practice Education & Clinical Supervision

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Education Lead
Practice Education & Clinical Supervision

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Connie Toy

Senior Training Administrator - Apprenticeships

Kerry Springle

Senior Training Administrator - Apprenticeships

Pamela Turner

Project support officer - Apprenticeships

Rich Harris

Project Manager - Apprenticeships


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Lucy Sampson

TEL Team Leader & ESR Lead,
L&D Technologist

Sarah Dalby


Harrison Willmott




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Kim Graves

L&D Business manager

Kim provides leadership and coordination for the L&D administration team as well countless other functions,

and managing Mandatory Training & Education Days with Kym Edwards.

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Joanne Kay

Training Administrator

Joanne’s portfolio includes -Onboarding, Inductions & Driving

As well as, training administrative support for the North Education Centre & BNSSG, Glos. & Wilts L&D staff.

Juliet Waddell

Training Administrator

Juliet’s portfolio includes – Onboarding, Inductions & Driving

As well as training administrative support for the St Leonards & Bridgewater Training Centres and L&D staff.

Kym Edwards

Training Administrator

Kym’s portfolio includes – Mandatory Training, Education Days & EOC.

As well as providing admin support for Derriford Training college & L&D staff

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Denise Curtis

Training Administrator

Denise provides portfolio includes Practice Placement & Paramedic Apprenticeship.

As well as administrative support for CPD.

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Tracey Tate

Training Administrator

Tracey’s portfolio includes- Onboarding, Inductions & Driving

as well as local administrative support.

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Training Administrator

TBC – Training administrative support for Mandatory Training & Education Days – position TBC



Andy Newman – Induction Lead 

Andy West

Catherine Richards

Charlotte Davies

Charlotte Ryan – TEL Team Leader (covering Mat leave)

Helen Everett – LP L&D Wilts. and Glos.

Henry Fielding

Jonathan White – LP L&D Liaison

Keziah Pietersen

Laura Hartnell

Lucie Taylor

Lydia Miller

Maisie Williams

Megan Maynard

Paul Hudson

Rebecca Simmonds

Richard Carter – NQP Lead North counties 

Rowena Griffiths – B,G,& W Team Leader


Becky Ham

Brett Chard

Gemma Ackerman (On Secondment with UoC)

Gemma Richards (Seconded to Clinical)

Iain Odhams

Ian Dick (LDO Team Leader A&E Ops workstream)

Katie Williams

Natasha Barton (Bank)

Pete Weeks (Bank – UoC)

Russell Timms

Ryan Ottaway

Seb Brown (On Secondment with UoC)

Steve Stratton

Timothy Clarke

North & East Devon
South & West Devon
Cornwall & Isles of Scilly

Cassie Days

Chris Ward

Gavin Fitzpatrick (LDO Team Leader – A&E Ops workstream)

Gerry King (SP LDO)

Glyn Harding (Bank LDO)

Jeremy Goodchild

Jonathan Brownwett (Bank)

Lee Thirlby

Liz Brown

Marc Moyle (Seconded UoC)

Melanie Maskell

Nathan Wilson

Neil Hunt

Paul Down (SP LDO)

Paul Ferns

Freya Underhill

Jamie Brooks

Rachel Connett (On Adoption Leave)

Richard Walker

Robert Pascoe

Ross Higgins

Sian Phoenix (Bank)

Steve Knowles

Emergency Operations Centre

Education Lead

Andrew Inniss

Senior EOC Trainers

Vicki Leeson

Paul Eyland

EOC Trainers

Suzanne Fitzgerald

Jamie Foster

Fern Wiffen

Michelle Morgan

Rebekah Harris

Lauren Pharo

Anton Meacher

Eleanor Houlton