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This page contains the link to provide feedback and information about the feedback cycle

Feedback cycle

  • Your feedback is important. The Learning and Development (L&D) and Continuous Professional Development (CPD) teams have worked together to develop a new FEEDBACK CYCLE to be more responsive to learners’ needs and to ensure that any learning activity undertaken in SWASFT is as enjoyable and meaningful as possible. The information you provide is anonymous and this survey will ask questions about the following areas:
  • Accessing the learning activity
  • The learning elements within the session
  • The delivery
  • How the learning may affect your work
  • Overall satisfaction

Feedback will be analysed and any themes will be discussed during regular feedback meetings held by the L&D team. Any changes made in response to your feedback will be shared through the Chiefs Bulletin and via the CPD website.

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Please feel free to use the survey for:

Any L&D run courses – for example
  • Education days
  • ECA courses
  • Internally run CPD courses
  • Driving courses
  • Leadership courses
  • EPRR courses
  • Induction
Any externally run CPD courses – for example
  • Pre-hospital burns
  • Higher Education (HE) CPD modules or courses
  • Stand alone CPD sessions

Accessing the survey-

Scan the QR code with your phone

Click any of the links / pictures on the page

Or click the the button below

Please see below for an example of the LDO Feedback report summary log, an infographic explaining the process, and a poster to download for your classroom

LDO / Learning activity lead feedback process summary
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Click here to download a PDF of the infographic
Feedback summary report
Click the image to download an excel file of the example
Feedback classroom poster
Click the image to download a Word file of a the poster

This poster can be used to display the correct course name that matches with the survey choice, and match the lead tutor with the learner responses for that course so all responses are counted towards the same event.

(If  there is more than one tutor and the learners input different names, the combined results will be incomplete).

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