Eligibility – Open to ALL staff & students – Essential for SPUECs & Trainee SPUECs


A three-step course aiming to deliver practical, focused, frontline palliative care skills and knowledge to all ambulance clinicians across the whole Southwest.

This training was driven by the results of the  EOL & Palliative care survey in the Chief’s Bulletin that asks staff what they needed and wanted. The survey closed on the 30th June.

  • The First step is to read through the focused palliative care handbook.


  • The Second step is virtual, recorded teaching consisting of 5 teaching sessions. These sessions will build on the concepts in the handbook and you can access and watch them at your convenience. Fill in the form at the bottom of the page to gain access to the recordings


  • The Third step will be to attend a 1-hour live discussion session. This will allow you to ask any specific questions, cases, queries or challenges to a palliative care specialist. You are encouraged to sign-up to a live discussion session when starting the course but please complete the first two steps before attending the live discussion. Please note, this session is designed to be interactive and therefore staff are encouraged to prepare in advance by considering topics / questions for discussion. 
Once you have completed all three steps you will be sent a certificate of completion. The course is equivalent to three days of continuing professional development
Click to download a PDF of the handbook
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Once you apply, you will receive a link to your ESR Learning Page where you can enrol to complete the recorded lectures before attending a Live Discussion session.

The lectures are as follows:
  • Palliative Care Emergencies – Dr Sarah Human
  • Legal Considerations – Dr Tania Elias
  • Medical Ethics – Dr Natasha Wiggins
  • Palliative care in the last few days of life – Dr Candida Cornish
  • Complex Conversations – Dr Joanna Lutyens
Live discussion session dates
  • Thurs 29th Feb 2024 13:00 – Dr Natasha Wiggins
  • Tues 19th March 2024 13:00 – Dr Emma Husbands
  • Tues 16th April 2024 13:00 – Dr Sophie Rayner
  • Thurs 16th May 2024 13:00 – Dr Amelia Stockley
  • Tues 18th June 2024 13:00 – Dr Sophy Gretton
  • Tues 16th July 2024 13:00 – Dr Fiona Chiplen
  • Thurs 29th August 2024 13:00 – Dr Sioned Evans
  • Thurs 19th September 2024 13:00 – Dr Paul Perkins
  • Fri 18th October 2024 13:00 – Dr Laurie Powell
  • Thurs 21st November 2024 13:00 – Dr Natasha Lovell

The protected characteristics monitoring form is separate to the main application form above; completion is optional & anonymous. We ask for information on your ‘protected characteristics’ in order to help us monitor our performance on equality.

If you have already completed this form since April 2024 & nothing has changed, there is no need to complete again.

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