PE’s nominated for Placement awards by UoP School of Health Professions

The Practice Placement Team were exceptionally proud to receive an email form the School of Health Professionals, recognising the hard work and talent of our staff.

The UoP School of Health Professions are keen to recognise the outstanding contribution of the staff from practice partner organisations who support our students on placement.

For the fifth year running they have asked students to nominate placement educators / teams who they feel have made a significant difference to their learning experience for a placement award and we are pleased to say that this year’s nominations include staff from our organisation.

Below is a summary of their nominations below, with the reason the student gave for wishing to make the nomination.

Programme Specific Winners

As part of the awards, we asked placement staff from each programme (SWASFT was the BSc Paramdeic Science programme) to select a winner from the nominations they received.

We are pleased to say that Colin Barnes from SWASFT has been chosen as a programme winner.

    • Colin Barnes – (Programme Award Winner) – PENZANCEColin took on the role of mentor ship when my mentor went on unexpected leave. Since then, Colin has showed a massive interest in my learning both on placement and academically. Through encouraging me to take lead with patients, teaching clinical skills when at station, and reading essays and giving feedback on the positives and possible improvements. Colins teaching technique is fab and he is always enthusiastic. I’ve learnt a lot from Colin and feel confident and comfortable with him as my mentor.

    • Stephen Morgan TAVISTOCK –  Stephen is an exceptional man and a very experienced paramedic with over 37 years of experience. He has gone way beyond his role or supporting me in practice. I am new to Plymouth and from a different background so adjusting to a new place, doing this hard course and with no support available has been extremely challenging. This is where Stephen played an enormous part and one of the reason I am now close to graduating; he tried his hardest to introduce me to the Ambulance service not as a student but as a staff, made me feel like I am part of the team, I made friends and learned a great amount. Words can’t express the respect that I have for this man and as he is close to retirement I would like him to know that.

    • Kirsty Phelps BURNHAMKirsty and the team at Burnham-on-sea have been incredibly supportive with my first placement block. They’ve made it feel like a home from home and supported me with the questions I’ve had. After each patient, Kirsty would ask me questions and have a debrief to ensure I understood what we’ve done, as well as aspects I could improve for next time. She’s further supported me by providing me with subjects to study on my days off, based on the patients we’ve seen the previous week. Alongside her encouragement, I’ve achieved more than I thought I could in this time frame.

    • Alice Williamson DERRIFORDAlice is an outstanding mentor and made me feel so welcome. She’s supported me through all aspects of my learning whilst on placement, including my online portfolio – I am so thankful for this especially as a first year. I have got to know Alice and seen she is liked amongst colleagues and other students. She’s genuinely a nice person. Alice continues to push me to become a better paramedic and understands what I am capable of before I know it myself. It’s been an honour to work with her and I am grateful to share my placement experience with her.

    • David Harding BIDEFORD I have been lucky to have David as my mentor for all three years on placement.  He has been supportive throughout when dealing with patients while challenging decisions and the knowledge that underpins them increasing learning opportunities.  In any situation Dave can find a learning opportunity  which has allowed me to  improve my decision-making and awareness of what I don’t know which assists with reflection.  He plays a full part in developing my learning contracts in order to get the best out of my time on placement and ensures that we meet the learning objectives we set.

    • David Reid TORPOINTDave has been an excellent resource for me to learn from, never tiring from the endless questions I ask. He has aided my learning and development as a clinician the months I was with him. Dave has always pushed me to see what I am capable of and his resounding faith in me has led to me gaining confidence and thoroughly enjoying my first placement experience. Dave has such a huge amount of knowledge, that he is more than happy to share with everyone. I learnt so much from him during my placement block I feel he deserves to be congratulated for it.