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In May 2022 PARAMEDIC3, hosted by Warwick Clinical Trials Unit, opened in SWASFT. PARAMEDIC3 is a multi-centre, individually randomised, superiority trial of an intraosseous access first strategy for adult patients who sustain an out-of-hospital cardiac arrest.


A total of 51 patients have been enrolled so far. PARAMEDIC3 is open for recruitment until March 2025 with a target sample size of 1,527.


Thank you

For those who are supporting PARAMEDIC3, have completed the training and are actively enrolling patients THANK YOU. Recruiting to research whilst managing out of hospital cardiac arrest is particularly challenging. Your efforts will help to ensure the success of PARAMEDIC3, which ultimately aims to investigate how we can make improvements in survival rates for this patient group.


To date 215 paramedics and 20 final year students have completed the training. Training will be available for the duration of the study in the areas of Bristol, Bournemouth & Poole, Somerset, Devon and Cornwall and can be completed via ‘myESR’ or by reading the training poster below.


PARAMEDIC3 assessment

Once this assessment has been completed, you will receive a £20 voucher and your first randomisation envelope. Envelopes are allocated individually for each out of hospital cardiac arrest which will randomise to either intravenous or intraosseous intervention.

Recruitment inclusion criteria

  1. Out-of-hospital cardiac arrest currently receiving cardiopulmonary resuscitation
  2. Requirement for vascular access to administer cardiac arrest drugs

Recruitment exclusion criteria

  1. Children (known or appear to be <18 years)
  2. Known or apparent pregnancy
  3. Already have vascular access

When a patient has been enrolled, the randomisation and incident number should be sent to the research paramedic, by text to 07771 956 183 or email

Contact us

A group WhatsApp is available to answer questions quickly and provide support. If you would like to be involved in PARAMEDIC3, please do complete the training and assessment or contact Research Paramedic Alison Coppola