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NHS Health Education England – Paramedics in Primary Care – study opportunity

Closing date for applications is 30 August

NHS Health Education England has long supported the paramedic profession in its developmental journey. Its latest project, Paramedics in Primary Care (PiPC), is designed to enable a paramedic to develop to become an advanced paramedic over a three-year postgraduate pathway while also working part-time within the ambulance service.

The Paramedics in Primary Care project adopts a new approach to supporting paramedics who want either a portfolio career working across multiple health care sectors (including ambulance service, primary and urgent care) or develop their skills and knowledge to provide advanced patient care within the ambulance setting. Successful applicants will be included in a NHS HEE study, which will be evaluated across the three-year development journey.

The project uses a part-time distance learning MSc programme provided by Cumbria University which is underpinned by high-quality placements with general practices. The MSc programme will be delivered almost entirely through distance learning materials. However, students will be required to attend one day of clinical placement per week outside of their contracted SWAST working hours.

Aside from placement supervision, students will be supported by a NHS HEE appointed education facilitator and an advanced paramedic clinical fellow, who will be available to assist students as and when required. Education modules will include advanced anatomy and physiology, advanced clinical conditions for primary care, service improvement and will be complete in year three along with the Non-Medical Independent Prescribing module.

Aside from the Cumbria MSc, students will be required to complete the College of Paramedics/St Georges University, London Diploma in Primary and Urgent Care (Dip. PUC) exam in year two of the programme.

Programme application

The first cohort onto the programme will be fully funded by HEE in relation to academic fees and all costs associated with the programme administration including the provision of the allocated paramedic clinical fellow and local education coordinator. Applicants are reminded that they will not receive any salary reimbursements and students on the programme will be undertaking all placement and study in their own time.

The programme is open to paramedics currently working full-time or part-time. If you feel you would need to reduce your hours to participate in this project you will need to apply in the normal way through our Flexible working policy – (INTRANET link – you will need to be on a Trust Device to follw this link)

This programme is facilitated and arranged by BrookePetter Associates- Please use the contact details below to find out more 

For an informal discussion please contact Jim Petter on 07944 251 713

A full application and information pack can be obtained by emailing Jason Brooke at