Academic Writing for Healthcare Students in Higher Education

Suitable for all staff wishing to (& eligible to) pick up a module via SWAST CPD.

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Discover the academic writing fundamentals to help you achieve success in your healthcare-related undergraduate degree.

Ideal for those who have been out of higher education for a while but are keen to pick this up. Or just for those who feel they would like a refresher to give the best chance of success!

Academic writing forms a significant part of your healthcare degree, and is key to your success at university. This three-week course from Kingston University and St George’s, University of London will give you the tips, strategies, and tools you need to develop your academic writing skills. In honing your skills, you’ll boost your confidence and be able to focus on your course content to become a motivated and independent learner.

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Sexual Assault Referral Centres – How can we help? – Oct & Nov 2023

patient-facing people trustwide.

WestAll GradesRegistered CliniciansWest

As ambulance professionals, we are likely to meet people that disclose sexual violence/ assault to us. It is important for both short and long-term management and recovery that we handle this well, and that we are aware of the referral pathways available to us. Many people don’t know what Sexual Assault Referral Centres (SARCs) can provide, don’t know how to refer to them and don’t know that the police don’t need to be involved in this process

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Volunteer to be a patient for an OSCE with UoC – Bridgewater – multiple dates

Student or SWASFT staff

NorthEastWestAll GradesRegistered CliniciansNorthEastWestStudents

OSCE stands for Objective Structured Clinical Examination. SWAST Students on the BSc paramedic degree apprenticeship programme with the University of Cumbria (UoC) need to complete a level 5 system assessment OSCE and a level 6 patient assessment OSCE.

Volunteering to play the role of a patient is a fantastic opportunity to see an OSCE without being assessed and meet the team! You do not need any prior knowledge or acting experience.

This is a great opportunity for all, but particularly for those who are aspiring to be on the programme and current students. You will also receive a UoC CPD certificate for your participation.

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Pre-Hospital PROMPT – Multiple Dates 2023-24

Suitable for Paramedics and Clinicians above this level plus Dip HE students.

NorthRegistered CliniciansNorthEastWest

We are delighted to see the return of highly anticipated face-to-face Pre-Hospital PROMPT training day delivered by Pre-Hospital PROMPT trained midwives and LDO’s.

This PROMPT training day includes managing birth complications, haemorrhage and basic new-born resuscitation with some fantastic practical sessions on pregnancy induced hypertension with hands‐on workshops on cord prolapse, vaginal breech and more.

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SORT Training 2024

Available to SORT trained staff only

Registered CliniciansNorthEastWest

SWAST have a legal responsibility to respond to acts of terrorism and incidents involving chemicals with the intent of saving and preserving life.

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Protected: DRAFT ONLY – Commander CPD Development Days 2023 – Multiple Locations & Dates

Available to Command trained only

All GradesRegistered CliniciansNorthEastWest

Attendance at a Command CPD day is a mandatory requirement for all Trust commanders as outlined within the Trust Command Policy. Following completion of the Trust Command Training you are now required to attend yearly Continual Professional Development Days and also a new additional Operational Commander HTC day

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SORT Training Expressions of Interest – All Grades

Available to all operational & bank staff

All GradesNorthEastWest

Open to all clinical grades and part time and bank staff.
Expressions of interest

This course will train you to form part of the specialist assets that respond to these incidents and to support the overall care of casualties in adverse environments whilst utilising safe systems of work which protects you and others.

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