SWAST have a legal responsibility to respond to acts of terrorism and incidents involving chemicals with the intent of saving and preserving life. There have been several high-profile incidents on UK soil in recent years which have seen significant numbers of deaths and serious injuries associated with them.

The management of these incidents is extremely challenging for the emergency services, calling for a multi-agency joined up approach to ensure the effective command and control of the incident, the rapid deployment of key staff to the scene and the fast, safe and effective treatment and extrication of patients to local receiving hospitals.

Open to all clinical grades, part time and bank staff.

This course will train you to form part of the specialist assets that respond to these incidents and to support the overall care of casualties in adverse environments whilst utilising safe systems of work which protects you and others.

To form part of the teams you must complete initial courses in both MTA (Marauding Terrorist Attack) and CBRNe (Chemical Biological Radiological Nuclear Explosive), followed by training days throughout the year based around team working, clinical skills and command and control. You will also be required to complete an annual physical competency assessment.

This advert is for expressions of interest only at the moment so that EPRR can gauge demand for places, and an approximate time when people want to take part in training.
You details will be held by EPRR for the purpose of planning up-coming courses. You will be contacted buy EPRR  when a course is available.

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