The CPD staff survey for 2022 is now open for you to have you say on how you feel about the many opportunities we have on offer. Completing this survey will give you a higher chance of seeing more of what you would really like to see us advertise. This could be either more BSc/MSc modules from different universities or more sessions of a particular CPD topic.

We want to gather this data for several reasons:
    • It will help us plan how we spend any funding that comes to us from national & regional sources, & make sure you are actually getting want you want; as well as what we think you might like
    • To have a good idea of the academic achievements of our workforce
    • It will help us plan work force needs / training more accurately, and also give a better picture of what skills we have in the workforce & where to point the funding for maximum benefit to you & the Trust

The deadline for submitting your survey entry is 11/02/2022.

Click Here to complete the survey.