UWE DLP (Dip HE) Temporary Register SWASFT FAQs

Please see the below email communication that was sent out on the 11th May to DLP students.

You can also Download a PDF of the FAQs here related to staff enrolled on the DLP (Dip HE) program with UWE.

‘We are aware that a number of you have recently raised queries in relation to the HCPC temporary Covid Register so wanted to take the opportunity to confirm the Trust’s position to you. 

I’m pleased to confirm the Trust will support DLP students who are on the temporary Covid HCPC register to become temporary NQPs at the point they move into a Lead Clinician vacancy.

This will effect DLP 6 and 8 students that are in the final stages of their Paramedic distance learning programme.

You will remain as an ECA until such time as you move into a Lead Clinician funded position, whether on a rota line or in a relief capacity.  You will not be permitted to act as Ambulance Practitioners at any point.

The attached FAQs have been developed to help provide further information, and a Skype briefing will be set up later this week to talk through any questions you may have. 

You remain responsible for achieving your permanent registration and must keep your manager informed of your registration status.

Kind regards,

People Analytics & Development Team
South Western Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust’