Clinical Supervision

The 2018 Lord Carter Review suggested that workplace supervision is integral to the provision of safe and effective healthcare systems, and the prevention of mistakes and problems in the workplace. In response, the Association of Ambulance Chief Executives teamed up with NHS England and the College of Paramedics to develop a National Clinical Supervision framework for all UK ambulance Trusts.

Clinical Supervision, in essence, is the creation of a safe space for learning and reflection. It is the intention that this framework will be applied across a variety of settings, creating a safe and protected space for all ambulance employees (not just those in clinical roles) to openly discuss and learn from work-related experiences.

To embed this framework into everyday practice SWASFT has developed a three-year plan. This plan begins with a programme of education delivered through the 2022/2023 Clinical Education days. During the training a Clinical Supervision demonstration, led by the Learning and Development team, explains what Clinical Supervision is and demonstrates how the sessions work.

The second phase will see all Learning and Development Officers undertaking the Higher Education module in Clinical Supervision and developing their skills to enable team members to become Clinical Supervision Facilitators. The final step will enable the Trust’s qualified Facilitators to provide regular Clinical Supervision sessions.

To support this, a Clinical Supervision website has been launched where you can find an up-to-date list of Clinical Supervision Facilitators and more information about Clinical Supervision in SWASFT.


Click here to visit the Clinical Supervision page

Click here Supervision of Clinical Practice HE module


Please visit the website if you would like to join a Clinical Supervision session to discuss a work-related experience, to support your colleagues in discussing their experiences or to see what it’s all about.

If you have any questions, please contact the Trust’s Clinical Supervision lead Sasha Johnston via email.

Sasha Johnston