SWASFT share AACE mental health continuum virtual poster

research day Canada posterWe are pleased to share news that the SWASFT employee Sasha Johnston’s work Mental health continuum virtual poster – Sasha Johnston (primary author), Jo Mildenhall and Dr Jaimee Wylam (co-authors) – is being shared today at the Canadian Paramedicine Research day. 

This piece of work has been produced with the Association of Ambulance Chief Executives (AACE) and the College of Paramedics.



What is the mental health continuum?

The mental health continuum is a tool which helps us to think about our wellbeing and what actions we can take to improve it. The mental health continuum helps us to identify where our mental health is low.

You can read more about the Mental Health Continuum here

The title and introduction of the work is below to give you an overview, and you can view the full poster and introduction here (also audio description) 

Self-identification of psychological wellbeing: a mental health continuum for EMS employees


Emergency Medical Service (EMS) employees are more likely to experience poor psychological health and suicide than the general workforce. Exposure to work-related stressors and cultural stigma related to the acknowledgment and acceptance of mental ill-health are pivotal factors. The EMS environment is unique and unpredictable, making it challenging to find time for staff wellbeing. Therefore, a visual aid that enables employees to identify, articulate and disclose their mental wellbeing status and seek support in an easy and concise manner is needed.