AET-Award in Education & Training- Derriford – Jan 2021 start

L & D staff

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AET provides the minimum statutory standard for those entering the teaching profession.
This course is only open to L&D staff initially. Please sign up to the mailing list to receive updates of when the course will open up to all staff- (Bottom of the page on the left)

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Pre-­Hospital PROMPT- 21 NOV 2020- Derriford

Suitable for Paramedics and Clinicians above this level

WestRegistered Clinicians

Fully funded Multi-professional Pre-hospital PROMPT training day for Paramedics

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*Some dates CANCELLED* Practice Educator (Mentor) Update West – (PAID)- 2020/21 dates

Available to all mentors

WestRegistered CliniciansEastWest

As part of a Trust led initiative to support our mentors we will be offering mentor update days to qualified, active mentors across the Trust that support our future paramedic workforce. These days will be offered on overtime.

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UoP (accredited) Mentorship Module – Start 25 JAN 2021-Derriford

L6 - 20 Credits. Suitable for registered clinicians only

WestRegistered Clinicians

This HE Mentorship module (HEAB370) is accredited at L6 (20 credits) by UoP & taught in-house. It requires HE assessment submission & mandatory 4 day attendance. It is fully funded.

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