HEE Placement Focus Groups for NQPs, Mentors, Supervisors and Assessors

Health Education England are inviting Allied Health Professionals of all levels to join an online focus group.

The overall aim of these focus groups is to develop an understanding and consensus on what ‘good’ looks like. The focus groups are intended to generate feedback, which will help HEE answer the overarching question: What does good clinical placement training look like for students?


Why join a focus group?

HEE seek to learn from the best and support overall quality improvement in education and training. Your feedback will underpin work to improve the experience of the current and future workforce.

How do I join a focus group?

The regional focus groups will be held on the following dates and times in January and February 2023:


Dates for Newly Qualified Professionals:

    • Wednesday 11th January 15.00-16:30​
    • Thursday 12th January 15:00-16:30​
    • Monday 16th of January 15:00-16:30​
    • Tuesday 17th of January 11:00-12.30​
    • Tuesday 17th of January 15:00-16:30​
    • Wednesday 18th January 15:00-16:30​
    • Thursday 19th January 15:00-16:30​
    • Friday 20th January 09:30-11.00​
    • Friday 20th of January 15:00-16:30


Dates for Mentors, Supervisors and Assessors:

    • Friday 3rd February 15:00-16:30
    • Monday 6th February 10:00-11:30
    • Monday 6th February 16:00-17:30
    • Tuesday 7th February 15:00-16:30


Click Here to register for an NQP focus group, or Click Here to register for a Mentor, Supervisor and Assessor focus group.

For further information please contact quality.sw@hee.nhs.uk.