This group will be part of the incentivised PEd update day on 1st Dec 2022 – if you sign up for the whole day you will be paid as per the normal arrangement for update days.

Students can drop-in for the focus group at 15:00 in an unpaid capacity.



At Health Education England (HEE), their job is to support you to learn to deliver excellent care to patients in a safe clinical environment. HEE works in partnership with Provider Trusts, Ambulance Trusts and Universities to ensure that placements offer students a positive experience, with high-quality learning opportunities.

To understand your experiences, we would like to invite you to join one of the paramedic review focus groups:

    • Newly Qualified Paramedics
    • Practice Educators (including Academics in Practice)
    • Apprenticeship Students
    • Current Students


Click here to book – PEds & students

There will be representatives from HEE to listen to your valuable feedback. This is the first time such a wide-ranging review has been undertaken and we encourage you to be part of it.