PROMPT are delighted to present a NEW Pre-Hospital online training course via an online learning platform. This will allow SWASFT clinicians the ability to update themselves on maternity care remotely at their own pace (you will have access for 1 month).

The topics covered include managing birth complications, haemorrhage and basic new-born resuscitation.

Pre-Hospital PROMPT is a well-established course which has been developed along with SWASFT to provide training for paramedic and ambulance staff who are required to provide emergency maternity care in the pre-hospital setting.

This course is only available to Paramedics / Ambulance Nurses and clinicians above this level – Recently updated to include SWASFT apprentice paramedics, & ECA to Para (Dip HE) students.
Please see the FAQs to find out why.

Through lectures and simulated video scenarios, the course will provide background theoretical knowledge on:

  • The assessment of the pregnant woman
  • Management of a normal birth
  • Management of pre-birth, birth and post-birth emergencies
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Please register using the booking form at the bottom of this page.

The following flow chart details the full registration process.

How long do I have to complete the course?

Your coupon can be redeemed at any time. However, once redeemed, you will have one month to access the learning platform prior to it expiring. Within this month you can complete the course at your own pace. The course is all completed virtually via an on-line learning platform.

Once you have the coupon, please consider when it will best for you to redeem it in terms of time and capacity to complete the course. It will not be possible to extend your access nor to offer more than one coupon per staff member.


How do I get my hard copy PROMPT booklet?

As part of this course you will receive a hard copy PROMPT algorithm booklet.

Although it won’t be possible to post to you all individually, instead we will arrange for your booklets to be sent to a station local to you. You can then collect at a time convenient to you when you are next passing through. There is no expectation to collect your booklet on your days off.

When registering you will be asked to select the station you wish to collect your booklet from. If there is not a suitable option for you, instead you will be asked to let us know your first and second choice of station and we will try our best to arrange this for you.

N.B. Where a county is more geographically spread e.g. Cornwall, there will be fewer options listed. This is because we will try to tailor a delivery as best we can. Please consider larger or central stations where possible. We will usually try to wait for a few more orders to the same locations when sending out very few, so please bear with us if there is a bit of a delay receiving your booklet.

When your PROMPT algorithm booklet is ready for collection we will email you along with confirmation of location. The booklet is not imperative for course completion, however if you would prefer to make reference to it throughout the course please do not redeem your voucher code until you have your booklet. We anticipate up to a month for your booklet to be delivered. On occasions this may be slightly more (or less) depending on location.


Why do I need to select a date, when I can access the learning platform in my own time?

The date you book onto relates to the week you will be due to receive your coupon. You do not need to start or complete the course within this week. It is simply a way for the CPD team to manage the administration.


Why are you releasing a limited number of coupons each week?

The reason why a limited number of coupons are released on a weekly basis is to enable the CPD team to manage the level of registrations, as we anticipate demand to be very high for this course. If capacity has been reached in the week you choose to apply, please check back the following week and please be assured there will be plenty more coupons made available.


Will I receive a certificate when I have completed the course?

Yes. As soon as you have completed the course and the feedback section you will be able to download a certificate via the learning platform.


I have a question about the content; who do I ask?

If you have a query please first look at the FAQs available at the end of each section on the learning platform as it maybe covered here.

Obstetrics specific FAQ 

If you have a obstetrics question which is not covered by the FAQs, you will see a comments and questions section at the bottom of each screen. The PROMPT clinicians will endeavour to answer these queries where they can, please be mindful that the PROMPT team is quite small and therefore they will respond as quickly as they can. ** UPDATE: To ensure that questions are dealt with as quickly as possibly, the decision has been made to remove the comments section. Please see SWASFT contacts below **

SWASFT specific FAQ

If the question is specific to SWAST please contact your appropriate County LDO Team Leader:

  • Cornwall & Devon – Gavin Fitzpatrick
  • Dorset & Somerset – Ian Dick
  • BNSSG, Gloucestershire & Wiltshire – Charlotte Ryan


I am having technical issues with the learning platform; where should I go for help?

Hopefully you won’t experience any problems, but as we know IT glitches can occur from time to time. Please contact us and we will speak with the PROMPT team on your behalf to try to get any issues resolved as soon as possible. Please include as much information as possible in your email, including screenshots where appropriate. Please note we will respond to emails between Monday-Friday.

Once you have entered your email address, if no date is showing it means that the quota of coupons for the week has been reached & you won’t be able to book. More coupons will be released at a later date.

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