This is a great site (updated regularly) with lots of really useful ,reputable and  user friendly site. It’s stuffed with content to support staff new to the front-line, and would no doubt be useful to all clinicians new or experienced.

CoP says- 
To those of you visiting this site to explore and learn, it may be that your induction or practice based education period will be much briefer than you would expect as a fully fledged NQP. Or that you are taking on a support role for your local ambulance service. With all these new and unchartered steps in mind we aim to build a virtual community of peer support for you to ensure you are as well prepared as possible to begin clinical practice today, in the context of Covid-19 and in the future as a permanent HCPC registrant.’
Liz Harris – Head of Professional Standards – College of Paramedics
‘Once the COVID-19 crisis is over it will evolve again to become an NQP support site (hence the URL). Please do email me here, or tweet with any ideas of how it could be improved.
This site is best viewed on a computer or tablet but it has also been optimised for browsing on a phone although some pictures may not appear as they would normally.
Whilst written with NQP’s (TRP’s) in mind we hope this site will be useful to all ambulance clinicians.’
Richard Tune –  Site Editor – Paramedic, Senior Lecturer, Sheffield Hallam University