Young Black Men Mental Health

Crisis Tools

In 2019, it was found that Young Black men are eight times more likely than their white counter parts to be given a community treatment order (CTO) after being treated in hospital under the Mental Health Act (NHS Digital, 2019).

Furthermore, when engaging with young people to develop the core Crisis Tools (launched in August 2021), it was identified that staff needed a greater awareness on how best to support young Black men accessing mental health services.

Access the resources here

HEE has worked with Healthy Teen Minds in partnership with 42nd Street, working with young people with lived experience, to launch an extension of Crisis Tools – Guides Supporting Young Black Men. These useful guides can be accessed free of charge.

The 4 Crisis Tools Guides Supporting Young Black Men are:

1. Barriers to access

2.What we need crisis services and practitioners to know 

3.Understanding our perspective 

4.Top tips from young Black men

The learning aims to help professionals identify young Black men’s needs during a mental health crisis. The guides focus on sharing young people’s experiences of barriers and discrimination and what can be most helpful in offering support during a mental health crisis.