We need you! Could you be the student face of our flu campaign?

This year has been anything but normal and even though we are still in the midst of a pandemic, planning is underway for the next flu vaccination programme with vaccines ordered and work progressing to ensure we are ready and prepared.

We all know that flu immunisation is important, and this year it is even more critical for us to be protected, not only for ourselves, but for our colleagues, friends and the patients whom we are in contact with.

Our students have an important part to play in this campaign – we want you to get involved, share your stories and get vaccinated!

We can’t do it without you though!

Last year our campaign featured staff from across the organisation – telling us why they chose to get vaccinated, but we didn’t have a flu champion to represent our students. We want to make sure that this doesn’t happen this year!

So if you regularly get vaccinated, have suffered from the flu before, want to make sure you protect someone else and want to share your story and support our flu campaign for 2020/2021 – please get in touch and tell us:

    • Who you are
    • What you do
    • Where you study and what year you are in
    • Why you have been vaccinated in the past
    • Confirm you are happy to have your image used as part of our campaign
    • Confirm you would be happy to create a vlog and share your story

If you would be interested in applying or simply want to find out more, please email flu.campaign@swast.nhs.uk with the title Student Flu Champion – We will be closing this opportunity at the end of July and will speak to those interested in getting involved about the next steps.