SWAST & UWE collaborative working

Cohorts 6 & 8 of SWAST Dip HE (ECA to Paramedic) students were about to reach the end of their course when COVID 19 threw a spanner in the works. UWE had to be closed just when they were about to attend and complete their final OSCEs.
SWAST and UWE staff rapidly came together with a plan to take the University to the students. Normally this would involve a lot of virtual meetings, but as luck would have it, the UWE Dip HE Practice Module Lead and the SWAST CPD Lead are married and both working from home. So a plot was hatched over the kitchen table!

The CPD lead arranged the venues and took bookings through the website, and UWE formed a Paramedic Science ‘Flying Faculty’, who did the hard work of driving round the Trust (armed with a letter of permission travel) to deliver the assessments (from 2 meters of course!)

In 9 days- they delivered:
• 100 assessments
• To 50 students
• At 5 sites
Drove 1131 miles (the equivalent of driving from Bristol to Rekjavik)
• Everybody passed! Well done!
• *2 more students were self-isolating, but we will get them done as soon as they are able to emerge.

These 50 students are now one step closer to early or on time registration in June & Sep, and will be able to join the front line as proud NQPs when they complete their courses.

Click below to see the video clip of their exploits –

*no students or mannequins were harmed in the making of this clip- & before you ask, this was made in the evening when I wasn’t on the clock! – Alex