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The Topol Programme for Digital Fellowships in Healthcare provides health professionals with time, support and training to lead digital health transformations and innovations in their organisations.

A fantastic 12 month opportunity for healthcare professionals to develop additional skills and knowledge as a fellow on the Topol Digital Programme. The Fellowship will fund up to 0.4 WTE for backfill to ensure that appropriate time is protected for the fellow.

The Topol Digital Fellowship is designed to Equip fellows with new skills and knowledge. These will include:

      • How to practise person-centred design
      • How to use Agile methods to run projects and develop services
      • How to lead digital transformation
      • How to use data in the design of services

The fellowship programme will provide fellows with the time to design and deliver a digital health project and initiative in their own organisations. This will be supported by a programme of workshops to stimulate fellows to confidently lead digital health transformations for NHS staff and patients.


To find out more about eligibility and the application process click here.

Please note, applications for the Topol Digital Fellowship Programme will be accepted from November 2021. Applications forms will become available to download from the Topol website from November 2021. 

If you have any further questions about the role or the application process which aren’t answered on the TOPOL website, please feel free to contact Claire who is an existing fellow.