Flu Jabs for students – how do I get one?

(and do I still get a Costa voucher if I’m student? – Yes you do!) 

Please see the message below from our Deputy Director of Clinical Care & Infection Prevention & Control  – Adrian South –
*Please note – you will need your ESR number & ID card to be eligible so you can be recorded properly. There will be more dates coming soon, so don’t worry if you haven’t got these in time for the clinic date in your local area. There will be another in your area soon.

Dear colleague,

Flu Vaccination – Important information to help everyone keep safe

The Trust is particularly keen to ensure that all students who have placements caring for our patients are offered a flu vaccination this year. With the on-going COVID-19 pandemic, of all the years to suffer with flu, this year is definitely one to avoid.

Over the past five years, flu has caused 17,000 deaths in the UK and put huge pressure on the NHS. Whilst COVID-19 has resulted in more admissions to hospital, its spread has been less than that of seasonal flu. This year, there is a real concern that the potential second wave of COVID-19 may coincide with the flu season.

In response, the NHS will be delivering the biggest ever flu vaccination programme. With COVID-19, we have seen the effect of a virus where there is no vaccination available. As there is an effective vaccination for seasonal flu, I would strongly recommend it:

    • Flu contributes to avoidable illnesses and deaths in vulnerable patients.
    • Up to 50% of confirmed flu infections have no symptoms.
    • Unvaccinated infected students, who do not show signs or symptoms of flu, can still pass on the virus to vulnerable patients, family members and colleagues.
    • Flu-related staff/student sickness impacts upon everyone – your colleagues and the patients we look after.

The Trust’s flu vaccination programme will begin as soon as the vaccine arrives, which is likely to be mid to late September. As they become available, details of clinics will be published on a new internet page HERE.

If you receive the flu vaccination elsewhere outside of the Trust e.g. at your GP surgery, please complete the vaccination received elsewhere form HERE –  (This form is located on the INTRAnet- so you will need to be on a SWAST device to access).

Once again the Trust will be providing a £10 Costa voucher as a small thank you to students who receive the vaccine either as part of the SWAST programme, or elsewhere.

If having considered the facts and the associated risks of flu, you still do not wish to receive the vaccination, please complete the short form here. (This form is located on the INTRAnet- so you will need to be on a SWAST device to access).

Completing the form helps us know that everyone has been offered the vaccine.

This year, the SWAST student placement team will be provided with a list of students who have not yet either received the vaccine or completed a decline form. The information will only be used to ensure that everyone has had the opportunity of receiving the vaccine. Information about anyone receiving the vaccine will, of course, be kept confidential.

If you do not want your name and ESR number to be shared with your line manager to ensure you are offered a vaccination, there is an opportunity to opt out by emailing flu.campaign@swast.nhs.uk by 18/09/2020 with ‘opt out’ and your ESR reference in the subject line; no further information is required.

If you have any questions about this letter please contact flu.campaign@swast.nhs.uk

Yours sincerely,


Adrian South
Deputy Director of Clinical Care
Deputy Director of Infection Prevention and Control