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Airway Management Videos

Videos produced by SWASFT Specialist Paramedics in Critical Care & TEL (Technology Enhanced Learning) Team.

These resources can be used as supportive learning alongside the practical Airway CPD Workshops (to book see the link below), or as stand-alone self-directed study/CPD. These workshops are being delivered by SPCC’s in different areas and dates.

The videos cover the following topics:

  • 999 Call – Systematic A to E Approach
  • Basic Airway Manoeuvres
  • Nasopharyngeal Airway
  • I-Gell Supraglottic Airway
  • Oropharyngeal Airway
  • Foreign Body Airway Obstruction

Click Here to access the Airways videos


In house educational videos

You can view the iLearn training videos here.

You can view some external training videos on intra-osseous access here.

You can view the I-Learn Commissioning Form (form that staff/managers can complete to request training videos) here.

PROMPT videos

The aim of the PROMPT Maternity Foundation is to reduce preventable harm for mothers and their babies.

The PROMPT Maternity Foundation provides a multi-professional training programme which was initially introduced to North Bristol NHS Trust. It has been shown to improve outcomes for real women and their babies. The introduction of PROMPT training at Southmead Hospital has resulted in:

Internationally, interest has grown and PROMPT training has been adopted in a number of countries outside of the UK.  Many of these countries have conducted their own research trials and have demonstrated similar results to those achieved at Southmead Hospital, including:

  • USA
  • Australia
  • Zimbabwe
  • Philippines

PROMPT Maternity Foundation has produced a range of practical and informative videos hosted on You Tube for you to view.

2 Pre-Hospital PROMPT videos made in partnership with SWASfT are now live!
They can be found on the PROMPT home page or you can go straight to them below.
Normal Birth

The Resus Room

the resus room logo

Many SWAST staff will already be familiar with The Resus Room’s podcasts, but for anyone who isn’t, this is an excellent resource delivered by some of ‘our’ (shared) colleagues.

They deliver podcasts on a variety of Emergency Medicine topics that you’ll use every day in and around the resus room, centred around evidenced based medicine and with reference to national and international guidelines.

People involved in TheResusRoom

Simon Laing an Emergency Medicine Consultant in the UK, based at the Bristol Royal Infirmary and a PHEM Consultant at Devon Air Ambulance Trust. He is the Airway Lead for The Royal College of Emergency Medicine; with particular interests in resuscitation, evidence based medicine and FOAMed.. He can often be found on a golf course trying to find those extra few yards….

Rob Fenwick an Advanced Clinical Practitioner at HEFT and Lead ACP, co-hosts the podcast. Rob has a back ground in pre-hospital care and a keen interest in immobilisation, extrication as well as evidenced based medicine.

James Yates is a Specialist Paramedic (Critical Care) with the Great Western Air Ambulance based in Bristol. In his pre-hospital career to date, James has worked nationally and internationally in a range of clinical and educational roles. He has an interest in education and simulation but would really like to be practising wilderness medicine in a remote corner of the world…

The technical brains behind the site is Nigel Taylor, web developer, designer and friend, with expertise in making the site what it is. Nigel’s site can be found here.

The Resus Room – Supraglottic Airways

supraglottic airways title

Supraglottic airways episode

This episode is particularly relevant right now, and is well worth a listen. In this episode you’ll have a deeper think about advanced airway management and specifically supraglottic use in the pre-hospital and ED environment.

Many pre-hospital service have seen the removal of intubation from their scope of practice, and that’s understandably been received with mixed thoughts.

But this isn’t the end of ‘expert advanced airway care for all; in fact far, far from it… we’ve all heard people talking about ‘whacking in an i-gel’, but really utilising a supraglottic device to its maximal potential can make a huge difference to our critically unwell patients.

This episode will run through an overview of supraglottic devices, the evidence surrounding their use, patient selection, patient positioning and size selection, placing a supraglottic device, troubleshooting and finally ongoing ventilation with a supraglottic device.

Trauma Care – FREE Webinars

Trauma Care Webinars are a great way to learn bite sized information in the comfort of your own home. Either take part in the interactive live event with key questions and answers or catch up with the recordings when you subscribe.

See below for an example of one of their great free webinars-

Please be aware that these videos may contain images of injuries and wounds and medical procedures on real people. 
About Trauma Care

Trauma Care was founded in 1996 to address the need for commonly agreed standards of best clinical practice in the management of trauma. We aim to improve the outcome of the trauma victim by establishing best practice throughout the whole chain of care. We achieve this through education, research and publishing.

Membership is open to all medical disciplines – including clinicians, paramedics, nurses – and to members of the emergency services. No other organisation encompasses the diverse specialities involved in care of trauma victims from the moment of injury, to the return to active life.

Duratus Mind Podcasts

About DuratusUK

This website is a professional personal development coaching & mentoring service, set up and run by Garry Banford – a former UKSF veteran.

On the site are freely accessible podcasts, interviews and YouTube videos exploring personal development, problem solving, resilience and much more.

Interviews are with people from all walks of life, often leaders in their field or experts in their profession. The discussions focus on challenges overcome, strategies and mind-sets used to get where they needed to be, and how they coped with setbacks.

While a lot will be from different professions, there is a lot of transferable knowledge, (and some interesting stories!). We haven’t listened to them all, so please explore and let us know what you think.

You are welcome to get in touch with them to explore personal coaching, but this will need to be funded by you.


YouTube videos

MCTI Podcasts

Mission Critical Team Institute Podcasts – click here for the page

We haven’t listened to all of these , but the ones we have definitely have some cross transferable knowledge and also make for an interesting listen either way.

There is a lot of knowledge drawn from military experiences in some of them, but don’t let it put you off. There are lessons and procedures that can be easily put into an Emergency Medical environment. (Please don’t start abseiling out of helicopters though, that’ll be covered on Dev Day 45).

Please let us know if there are any that you find particularly interesting.

Episodes – direct links and titles

#1 The Mission Critical Team Institute w/ Dr. Preston Cline
#2 Swarms, X-Teams, and Routine vs. Critical Communications
#3 The Physiology of Long Duration Effort w/ Dr. Andrew Huberman
#4 Residue & the Hard Path w/ Dr. Preston Cline
#5 Touching the Dragon w/ Jimmy Hatch
#6 Ten (10) Principles of Navigating Uncertainty w/ Dr. Preston Cline
#7 Emotional Athletics, Culture, and “Teaming” as a Sport w/ Daniel Coyle
#8 Communicating Through Story w/ Clare Murphy
#9 Coach Justin Langer on “walking excellence” and living “the reality” (not just “the dream”)
#10 Cleveland Brown’s Director of High Performance, Shaun Huls
#11 After Action Reviews w/ Coleman Ruiz and Dr. Preston Cline
#12 Solo Appalachian Trail Thru-Hiker and Combat Veteran, Trey Free on: “Making decisions and suppressing demons.”
#13 Mission BBQ CoFounders & Teammates, Bill Kraus and “Newt”
#14 Harry Moffitt, Director of MCTI_Australia & New Zealand Takes the Mic

There is also a podcast on Residue with an former UKSF member, now a Performance Coach – Gaz Banford on the Duratus Mind Podcast if you prefer a more UK spin on it!

The Duratus Mind website has some interesting podcasts about resilience and performance, speaking with several top athletes, Para-Olympians, Olympians, coaches and others.

Risking Happiness

Risking Happiness film – A light-hearted but touching film joining a patient on their journey to hospital & back.

Jointly commissioning by Gloucestershire CCG and Gloucestershire County Council, ‘Risking Happiness’ was created by the Reckless Kettle Theatre Company and The Roses Theatre in 2015.

The characters and story of the play are fictitious, but the process of writing it drew from real people, situations and experiences.
The purpose of the play has been to stimulate conversations and promote healthy discussions about our attitude to risk in our daily lives – initially as professionals, but ultimately as individuals.

Access the film HERE or by clicking the image above.