NEW! Normal Birth PROMPT video & PPH PROMPT Video

PROMPT and SWASFT made 2 instructional videos last year (pre-covid). One for normal birth and one for PPH. These were shot to fit with their new algorithm booklet that is being rolled out vehicles soon, and are being used on the new virtual PROMPT course.  The videos were shot by SWASFT TEL member LDO Shane Daley, and edited and directed by Shane and the PROMPT Team.

Unfortunately, no willing actors volunteered to be in the film, so CPD Team Leader Alex Jamieson and ECA Andre Harvey (who was seconded into L&D) were press ganged into the limelight.

Luckily for them, the scripts and direction was great, so (even though they are a bit wooden), we think the main messages came across!

We also had help from volunteers bringing some proper acting, special thanks to UWE drama students Lucy Norton (PPH), and Joanne Phillips (normal birth), and thanks to UWE AHP dept. for letting use their Sim house for filming.

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Normal birth