New- CHANGES to the  Calendar view of courses

Some changes have been made to avoid confusion when booking courses –

Only the Day 1 of courses with multiple days will show on the clander from now on

e.g. A 3 day course with attendance days on :
• 01/01/21
• 10/01/21
• 20/01/21
Will now only be visible on the calendar as the 01/01/21

If you have a booked an AET, UoP Mentorship , UoP Clinical Supervision and the rest of the dates don’t appear on the calendar, they have NOT been cancelled.
Please check the start date to see the event advert and you can find all the dates there if you need a reminder of what they are.

Why did I do this?

I noticed that people were booking on courses that had already started, or were half way through, and were then emailing in asking ‘what was going on as the joining instructions were all wrong’?

Because a course with multiple attendance dates had each date showing on the calendar, people were seeing the course in the calendar, clicking the link on that date (day 2, 3, or 4) and then booking a place on a course that had already started.

(We originally put all the dates of multi-day courses on the calendar as people asked for it so they could use it as a reference).

Each advert and the booking button has the start dates clearly marked, please make sure you read the advert and take note of when the course starts and when the attendance dates are. If it starts in the past, even if the booking option for a date in the past is open – it’s safe to assume that you won’t be able to attend.

If there is an option to book for another start date – then if you click this, you will have booked for another start date.

*Geek note – if you’re interested in how it works*

Each website event advert is made of 2 parts – an event page, and a booking form. The booking form is embedded into the event.
For courses that have multiple runs and start dates, e.g. AET, the same booking form is used for all the runs (so you don’t have to build x number of forms) and presents with an option of dates to select. The form also can be set to automatically export bookings in CSV format to an email. So 1 form can send out all the bookings for all dates to the tutor , in 1 email.
Events pages are built separately for each date and the main form linked to all events.