We have compiled a collection of Online ECG Distance Learning resources from various providers. These deliver videos, tutorials, posts, discussions and quizzes available to all staff. Topics include electrophysiology, STEMI, lead systems, avis deviation, normal and abnormal ECG patterns and arrhythmias.

SWAST’s Learning Zones (INTRAnet page – not accesible externally)

The SWAST intranet have resources on a range of topics including complete heart block, with more added regularly. http://intranet.swast.nhs.uk/learning-zones.htm

Dr Smith’s ECG blog

is a popular American website where regular case studies are uploaded and discussed. These can be quite complex though, so for those wanting to push themselves into the ‘nice to know’ area. https://hqmeded-ecg.blogspot.co.uk


is a website that allows you to do ECG rhythm strip analysis as a quiz. There are some rhythms on this test that are beyond level 1 and 2, but a fun way to practice. http://skillstat.com/tools/ecg-simulator

Future Learn

Free online course ECG Assessment: an Introduction for Healthcare Providers Understand the principles of electrocardiography and learn a step-by-step approach to the ECG test, with this free online course. https://www.futurelearn.com/courses/ecg-assessment#section-dates

ECG Made Simple

A free comprehensive web-based ECG learning program that teaches the art and science of electrocardiogram (ECG) interpretation for beginners to advanced. Over 700 ECG tracings are available for study. Topics include electrophysiology, lead systems, normal and abnormal ECG patterns and arrhythmias. Register online to access. http://www.ecgmadesimple.com/

Life in the Fastlane

LITFL ECG library is a free educational resource covering over 100 ECG topics relevant to Emergency Medicine and Critical Care. http://lifeinthefastlane.com/ecg-library/


Paid subscription provides unlimited access to HD vidoes, animations, cases, texts, revision notes and quizzes. Learn from award-winning experts in the field who are passionate about teaching suitable for all levels. Learn complex topics from your tablet, anywhere, any time.  https://acadoodle.com/

ECG Academy

Learn to read Electrocardiograms by watching Video Tutorials. The free Introductory Level includes 3 hours of video lessons and ChalkTalks to you get started. It includes anatomy, physiology, ECG basics and interval (PR, QRS, QT) measurements.  A paid subscription is required for advanced levels. http://www.ecgacademy.com/index.html


E-Learning for Health (e-LFH)

There is also free content on a number of topics, with some ECG content within some of the programmes on e-LFH which is free and available to all staff. https://www.e-lfh.org.uk/programmes/