The ECA Core skills refresher is an informal and fun session, giving you a chance to go over and brush up on your core skills, with expert help on hand if needed.

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This will be a chance for you to watch an LDO performing a skill and feedback for any errors when they (inevitably!) go outside SWASFT guidelines. How many will you spot?

You’ll be looking out for things like:

  • Correct use of PPE
  • Aseptic technique when performing invasive procedures
  • Waste segregation
  • Sharps safety
  • Hand hygiene

This will be a chance for you to have a go at testing yourself on a QCPR mannequin, aiming for 90% on chest compression rate, depth and technique, and ventilation rate. This should be a fun opportunity and you will be able to have plenty of goes to achieve a good score.

This will be a chance for you to look at manual handling techniques, spotting errors and correcting technique.

You will be looking at demonstrating safe practice when lifting & lowering a loaded scoop stretcher from the floor.

BNSSG / Wilts. / Glos.
  • Charlotte Davies
  • Paul Hudson
Dorset & Somerset
  • Gemma Richards
  • Steve Stratton
Devon / Cornwall & IoS
  • Neil Hunt
  • Nathan Wilson

The past few months of increased demand, REAP black and major incident declaration saw the Trust take a very reluctant decision to suspend face-to-face education. It has always been the intention to restart, whilst continuing to balance delivering a response to our patients. The impact of COVID-19 on our resourcing remains significant, particularly in the midst of continued high demand and REAP Black. Despite this, our commitment to bring back development days is not faltering, however we will need to take small and cautious steps.

Therefore the development day theory content for ECAs will be made available through ESR for those who wish to access it, and if you choose to do this you will be eligible to be paid five hours overtime.

ECA e-learning content
LDOs will arrange sessions locally, there is no need to book. They will either come and find you to go through this, or you can approach them if you’re really keen!
If you have a question about this process, please just email one of the LDOs for your area.