Placement accommodation costs uplift for COVID 19

A welcome message of support for DLP students from – Marie Martin Assoc CIPD | Head of People Analytics and Development at SWASfT

DLP Placements                                                               

Hi everyone,

Hope you are all keeping well. I wanted to touch base with you all to ensure you are all aware of the extended offer relating to securing accommodation for you, to ensure your placements can go ahead as planned.

The Trust are keen to support all learners currently on a development pathway to graduate with no delay as a result of the Covid outbreak. We are aware of the challenge in finding accommodation within the required price range at this time due to limited availability.

Therefore during this time, the Trust will reimburse you up to £100  per night instead of the normal £50.

For anyone that is still experiencing difficulties in booking accommodation, please email They can then check the availability of any further accommodation that has been made available to us during the outbreak.

For any DLP students near to completion of their course and who are considering  temporary registration in coordination with UWE, further communication by SWAST will be sent out in the near future.