Talent Pool

The Talent Pool is a pool of our people who have a track record of delivery, they are our people who have been identified as having the motivation and drive and who demonstrate our Behaviours. It is where we recognise Talent and help our people use their skills and knowledge to make their next career move.

Ultimately, our Talent Pool is the central point for filling vacancies and opportunities across the Trust.

Being in the Talent Pool does not mean automatic promotion, it is your own responsibility to manage your own career, however, being in the talent pool can help support, develop and guide you to where you want to be. It is not for everyone- you are part of a group of colleagues who are making a difference to the Trust and have consistently exceeded in your role and have worked above and beyond your objectives.


We are currently reviewing our Talent Pool Process

and will update you soon.

Until then the current Talent Pool is on hold and no vacancies will be advertised nor nominations accepted.

Please keep your eye on the Bulletin for further information.