This is an important Message for those Practice Educators with more than 1 student or those  thinking about taking more than 1 student –

Read it to the end – it’s about giving you something extra!

We would like to thank all our practice educators for all of the support you are giving our students; both those developing on an ECA to paramedic pathway and those who are direct entries to the universities. You are helping to develop future colleagues as well as supporting the wider paramedic profession. This is very much valued, especially as supporting students is a key part of our professional role.As the demand for paramedics grows, we are being asked by Health Education England to support more and more students. The key to developing our profession and responding to the wider health care demands is to provide quality placements; ensuring our learners can develop into autonomous practitioners.

Hopefully you will have all seen the Practice Educator (Mentor) update days being advertised; and are aware that there is a £200 pre-tax payment, and 7.5 hours overtime to support you to attend.

Click here to see dates and locations of Practice Educator (Mentor) update days

The additional funding has been supported through Health Education England (for 2019 to 2021) to ensure all practice educators attend an update day. The day is designed to equip you with the knowledge to provide a ‘quality’ placement for your students.

Some of you have gone one step further, and have taken on responsibility of being the named or sign off practice educator, for not one, but two students;having a direct entry BSc student from our partner universities and a Dip HE or Portsmouth (ECA to Para).

Students learning together in practice, sharing their experiences and mentoring each other is a recognised and successful model (CLiP), allowing more experienced students to support new students which provides a really valuable learning environment.

However, as a sign off practice educator for both a direct entry BSc student and a Dip HE/Portsmouth student; ensuring a quality placement is more challenging, as you will need to balance the learning of both students. In recognition of this you will receive £400 to support you to attend a practice educator update day, which will equip you with the knowledge to provide a quality placement experience for both students. If you have already attended an update day and received a £200 payment, you will now receive an additional £200 (pre-tax). Just be aware that this may take up to two months to process.

If you haven’t yet attended an update day; when you do, you will receive a £200 pre-tax payment, 7.5 hours of overtime, followed by an additional separate £200 (pre-tax) payment. This will be paid about two months later, once you have confirmed your support of two students with your local Practice Placement Coordinator by recording your two students on the update day register.

You must be the named, sign off practice educator for an internal development (Dip. HE / Cert. HE) and an external undergraduate (BSc) student to be eligible.

Click here to see dates and locations of Practice Educator (Mentor) update days

Please note: If you do not meet these criteria and would like to support two students as sign off mentor then you need to contact your placement coordinator.

If you think you should have received the payment and haven’t received it after six weeks, please contact your local Practice Placement Coordinator (PPC).