Operational staff & Paramedic students (any year)

Fully funded PHD research study in St Lucia

All travel expenses, accommodation & funding for backfill is covered in this opportunity. *Please note* – Living expenses can be claimed, but must be paid upfront & claimed back. They will be capped at £52 per day


The University of St Lucia is hosting a PHD research project looking at the long term cumulative effects of working in the pre-hospital environment in tropical conditions. This research has been commissioned and is being sponsored by the Department of Health to enable forward contingency plans to be formulated for 2035 climate change models effecting the SW of the UK, and the effect on emergency service workers performing their duties under heat stress and humidity conditions, (there will be 2 separate cohorts of Police and FRS colleagues running alongside this study).

You can read more about the aims and statistical analysis models being used on the DoH website here.

You will be expected to travel to St Lucia for the work and be available for 6 months starting in August 2021. *Covid roadmap permitting – the start date may be delayed.*

Backfill funding is available if required and can be claimed direct from the DoH via SWASFT under a separate application here. *You will need agreement with your County Commander or Program Lead to apply.

Due to the arduous nature of the work, you will be expected to work for no more than 4hrs per day, 5 days a week. You will be paid your normal salary, with a hardship uplift equivalent to the next A4C band up. If you are at the bottom of your band, you will be uplifted to the next appropriate band. For Students applying, you will receive the starting NQP equivalent (as of Aug. 2021).

This fantastic opportunity will be available for application until 10th May 2021. There are 2 spaces available. Open for application from 09:00 1st April 2021.

Click HERE to download the application form