You’ve done a Mentorship course, & your booked on a Mentor update day- now what?

Click here for the 2020 update post about having 2 students 

Click here to see dates and locations of Practice Educator (Mentor) update days

Now you need to make sure you:

  1. Turn up! (People are making a lot of effort to arrange these- please don’t be a no show-  if you need to cancel, give us at least a couple of weeks notice so we can plan around it & book any waiting list on
  2. Complete the register by signing, printing your name so we can read it & filling in your ESR number (on your ID badge)
  3. Complete your time sheet – The hours won’t show until AFTER you have done attended the day
  4. Wait to get paid! (this may take around 6 weeks, as we have to process everything, so don’t rely on the cash to sort out your significant others birthday present! But we will get it to you)

If you had already completed an update day before the incentive details were released – you will still get paid, we know who you are!

Any problems, please get in touch- We are happy to help.

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