A great opportunity to attend a fully funded virtual Pre-Hospital PROMPT training day which includes managing birth complications, haemorrhage and basic new-born resuscitation with some fantastic practical sessions on pregnancy induced hypertension with hands‐on workshops on cord prolapse, vaginal breech and more.

This course will be delivered in a virtual format presented via Zoom.

This course is only available to Paramedics / Ambulance Nurses and clinicians above this level. Please see the FAQs to find out why

The course content includes;

  • Maternal assessment
  • Haemorrhage during pregnancy (including vaginal bleeding; gynaecological causes)
  • Normal Birth
  • Normal birth interactive scenario
  • Neonatal resuscitation
  • Pregnancy induced hypertension and eclampsia
  • Maternal Collapse/cardiac arrest
  • Postpartum Haemorrhage
  • Pre-term & multiple births
  • Shoulder dystocia
  • Vaginal breech birth
  • Cord prolapse

Attendees will also receive the new PROMPT algorithm booklet. This will be sent to your home address. Thes booklets will aslo be coming to frontline vehicles soon, but may take a little longer to distribute.


28th November 2020 – 08:30-15:00

12th December 2020- 08:30-15:00


More dates are on the way!

Fill out the form below with your details and click ‘submit’ to apply. Please make sure you use a SWAST email address or you won’t be able to book.

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