A half-day virtual course which will focus on the aspects of traumatic brain injury, including the complications it can cause the patient and the functions each component of the human skull has.

The course will also cover the definition of TBI, the anatomy & physiology of the cranium and how we can assess and manage the TBI of a patient.

This event is provided free of charge and will be taught by Andy West (LDO) and Georgina Lambert (LDO, SPUEC). The course will be presented as a powerpoint presentation and will require you to have a Zoom account. Click here to read more about Zoom.

The learning outcomes for this course are the following:

  • Describe the anatomy of the cranium
  • List 5 complications of TBI
  • Define the Monroe-kellie doctrine
  • Describe impact brain apnoea
  • Interpret and apply JRCALC and SWAST guidelines to TBI
A certificate of attendance will be provided

The dates and timings for this course are as follows:

  • 29th September 2020 – 13:00-16:00
  • 30th September 2020 – 09:00-12:00
  • 20th October 2020 – 09:00-12:00
  • 27th November 2020 – 09:00-12:00
  • 30th November 2020 – 09:00-12:00

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