The cohorts of this module will continue to be delivered on a virtual basis. There is currently no plan in place to return to face to face training, however you will be notified once a development on this takes place.
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This course is taught in-house by a SWAST tutor. Providing the minimum statutory standard for all those entering a teaching profession, the main objective of the qualification is to equip the individual with the skills and knowledge to begin a teaching career within the post compulsory learning sector.

The course is a Level 3 Quality and Credit Framework (QCF) course, and is accredited and agreed by OfQual. The student will gain a nationally recognised electronic certificate on successful completion of all the assessment criteria set by OfQual.

Learning Outcomes
  • Understand own role and responsibilities in lifelong learning
  • Understanding and Using Inclusive Teaching and Learning Approaches in Education and Training
  • Understanding Assessment in Education and Training
Guided Learning Hours
  • There are 5 taught days
  • The Guided Learning Hours (GLH) are 5 taught days of 9 hours, equivalent to 48 hours
  • The Total Qualification Time (TQT) is 120 hours, which means there are 72 hours of personal study time

The assessment consist of two aspects:

  1. Practical assessment consisting of a 15 – 30 minute lesson delivered to your peers on a non-work based subject. This is delivered via Zoom.
  2. A portfolio of evidence consisting of 4 x 500 word reflections and 9 pieces of evidence consisting of a number of short answers questions. The portfolio is set against the provided assessment criteria, all of which must be met to pass the course.

You MUST attend all 5 days & submit a portfolio to pass the course – failure to attend all 5 days or submit will result in you breaching the T&Cs and becoming liable for the cost of the course.

Course Resources

The course is delivered using PowerPoint and Tutor Lead classes, group work and individual study. The course has a course handbook that can be purchased from Amazon: The Award in Education and Training by Ann Gravells.

Course Cost

This course costs £250 per person and is fully funded by SWAST. Please ensure you can attend all 5 taught dates. If you cancel or cannot complete the course for any reason, you need to advise with as much warning as possible.

Cohort 1

Day 1

Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5
14/04/2022 26/04/2022 12/05/2022 26/05/2022



Cohort 2

Day 1

Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5
07/07/2022 21/07/2022 04/08/2022 18/08/2022



Cohort 3

Day 1

Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5
22/09/2022 06/10/2022 20/10/2022 01/11/2022



All dates will have the timings of 0845-1600 


The teaching will take place via a Zoom video link – You will be expected to be available all day on the course dates. Instructions on how Online learning works are on the website here – FAQs –  ZOOM.

Fill out the form below and apply for a place. Should you have any questions and queries, please contact Lizzie Ryan.
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*People do drop out, and if a place becomes available, we will advertise the vacant spots (you can subscribe to the mailing list below – bottom left of the page).
When people are deleted from bookings- the vacant places will re-appear on this pageand be available to book.

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