The Supporting Students in Practice (SSIP) is a non-accredit bearing (NCB) module.This course replaces the AHP Practice Learning and Student Support, and Nursing Facilitated Learning and Assessment in Practice (FLAP).

It fulfills the requirements of the CoP and will be suitable for completion of an NQP portfolio.

Entry requirements
Although preferred but not essential, you should be supervising a healthcare professional student.It is available for all AHPs, and is free.

For staff who would prefer to complete a face to face Mentorship course, the University of Plymouth Accredited version is available. (It CANNOT be taken as non-accredited version any more and will require a portfolio and assignment submission).
Dates are available throughout the year – ALL are delivered virtually now  Please Click Here to view the dates for the UoP Mentorship courses- (please ignore any locations as they are now all online)

This new provision is undertaken on line and involves a minimum of 30 hours of study in direct work on the content of the course. This course  does not require assessment. The course will have a start date each month for enrolment.


The course content covers theoretical aspects of the following:

  • Foundations for practice education
  • Being an educator
  • Facilitating workplace learning
  • Assessment and feedback
  • Evaluating workplace learning
  • Problem solving
  • Reflecting and personal development planning
  • Equality and diversity in practice education



This course is Distance learning only, there are no attendance / taught dates.

The UWE SSIP online non-credit bearing module runs continually. (i.e. if a course start date has expired, another will show shortly)

There are runs of the course that you need to select as the university needs to arrange their courses in sections to manage applications in batches.

Please just choose a date that is closest to when you would like to start. Please make sure that you complete the work in the set time frame.

Please read the below before applying so you application is not held up

You will need to register as a student with UWE first if you haven’t studied with them before.

This link How to apply for a CPD Module at UWE will guide you though registration, but it should be straight forward. Once registered as a student, you will need to keep an eye on email prompts from UWE, so use an email address you can access easily.

When applying for a module – Please make sure:

  • You MUST Select Employer/Sponsor funded – not self funded. Your application cannot be approved by SWAST if you select the wrong one.
  • If you are an NQP, enter NQP as your job title. We need to be able to measure the split of NQPs and Mentors signing up to this course so we can forecast more places accurately.