Burn to wrist
CPD Lead's exploding coffee pot injury

This fantastic course on pre-hospital burns assessment and treatment includes both paediatrics and adult care and will improve your knowledge of treatment in a pre-hospital environment. This course comes highly recommended and is available free to all staff and students.

Learning Objectives

•Incident and Aetiology
•Initial Assessment and Management
•Burn Depth and Size Assessment
•Management of Minor and Major burns
•Non Accidental Injuries
•Toxic Shock
•Skin grafts

Here are the timings and dates for the Burns Treatment course 2021-22:

All courses start at : 10:00

All courses finish at: 14:00 

  • Tuesday 11th May
  • Monday 24th May
  • Tuesday 25th May
  • Monday 21st June
  • Friday 2nd July
  • Tuesday 20th July
  • Friday 10th September
  • Tuesday 28th September
  • Monday 11th October
  • Friday 22nd October
  • Monday 8th November
  • Monday 22nd November
  • Friday 3rd December
  • Monday 13th December

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