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Appraisals should be embedded within the working ethos of the organisation and not seen as an activity that has to be undertaken on an annual or periodic basis.

This workshop develops skills in using operational plans to inform and ensure effective performance improvement in others. It uses personal situations and experiences to understand how to effectively manage the appraisal and development of staff, ensuring that they are in line with overall organisational objectives.

By the end of the masterclass, you will:

·       Appreciate the strategic and business planning context of performance review and appraisals

·       Have gained experience of practicing, in a safe environment, general appraisal techniques, how to set objectives and measure performance using the competency approach

·       Understand how to motivate and engage with staff and how to manage poor performers

·       Recognise how to identify and meet learning development needs



Date & Time

8th  February 2023 – 1 day (actual times TBC)

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