This conference may have a cost attached – this is NOT currently being funded by SWASFT

The conference will include a plenary from Professor Amanda Burls and a choice of workshops which will be open to members of the public, doctors, allied health professionals, nurses, public health professionals and therapists within the South West Peninsula (Cornwall, Devon and South Somerset).

The workshops come from our current MSE Training Menu (Click Here) and will provide skills which include how to find and use evidence to make effective health and social care decisions.

Please note – this is an externally run conference & any queries or communications should be made to the conference organisers 

We are pleased to announce that pre-registration to attend this year’s Making Sense of Health Research Annual Conference on Wednesday 21 September 22 (9.30 – 16.30) at Buckfast Abbey Conference Centre, is now available.

To register to get priority updates and booking details for the conference: complete the form here Pre-registration form. Please note that completing this form does not constitute registering for a place at the conference and that the conference is open to those based within the South West Peninsula area, (Devon, Cornwall and South Somerset).


The programme of Making Sense of Evidence workshops enables participants to find and use evidence to make effective health and social care decisions.  Our workshops are suitable for a wide range of people from students, patients and members of the public to doctors, allied health professionals, public health professionals, nurses and therapists.   We can offer both full day courses and bespoke course that can be tailored to suit your needs and availability.

For more information on the Making Sense of Evidence programme please visit our website here
If you wish to discuss our workshops further please email us here

We are very much looking forward to the conference this year and we hope to see you there!

NIHR Applied Research Collaboration South West Peninsula (PenARC)
University of Exeter