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Understanding self-reflection and emotional intelligence as practical tools to improve colleague and stakeholder engagement are key to developing a self-aware leader. During the workshop, you will be presented with a number of techniques and methods to assist in developing your Emotional Intelligence. We provide you with a powerful toolkit which allows you to engage, equip and enable your staff to consistently perform at, or very near, their best. In addition, you will learn the importance of self-reflection and how to better manage yourselves so you move from being a manager to a leader.

By the end of the masterclass, you will:

·       Understand the importance of self-management through increased awareness

·       Understand your own biases and prejudices

·       Understand your own personal strengths

·       Demonstrate Goleman’s key areas of emotional understanding

·       Recognise how to use self-awareness tools such as Johari’s Window and the Adult Learning Cycle



Date & Time

6th March 2023 – 1 day (actual times TBC)

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