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As Heraclitus wrote, “change is the only constant in life”. And that has certainly been true in the past few years where engaging and supporting colleagues through change and uncertainty has become a key component of a manager or supervisor’s skills toolkit.

This workshop discusses the benefits of dealing with and effectively managing change issues promptly throughout the change cycle. It develops a step-by-step approach for promoting and managing change, highlighting the importance of engaging stakeholders to support change initiatives

By the end of the masterclass, you will:


·       Have learned about and understood what organisational change means

·       Receive an overview of various change methodologies

·       Understand about real life situations where change methodologies have been deployed and to what effect through case studies and sharing of personal experiences

·       Appreciate the drivers and the impact of change can be at an organisational and individual level in the context of a VUCA environment

·       Practise some practical tools that can be applied back in the workplace to help manage organisational change at a team and individual level

·       Apply your learning from the module to the change journey that the organisation is currently on.”



Date & Time

23rd February 2023 – 1 day (actual times TBC)

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