An introduction to ECGs – A real ‘start at the beginning’ session for those new to ECGs, those who feel they want to refresh right from the start of ECGs, or anyone who wants to go back over the foundations again.

This course is open to ALL staff and Paramedic Science students, but Paramedic grade are advised to attend ECG Level 1 (coming soon) to ensure that they meet the minimum Trust standard.

Starting from basic cardiac anatomy and physiology, moving through to the sign and symptoms of AMI and the main management principles.

An introduction of 12 lead interpretation covering views of the Heart, identification of standard and abnormal wave forms, how to apply basic interpretation rules to identify and manage ECG changes associated with myocardial infarction.

Overall Objective:

To understand the basic anatomy and physiology of the heart and to be able to relate it to the electrical findings on a 12 Lead ECG in order to identify arrhythmias requiring treatment.

  • An understanding of the 12 lead views of the ECG
  • An understanding of normal expected findings
  • How to apply 6 basic interpretation riles to identify the abnormal
  • How to identify and treat MI using  12 Lead ECG interpretation
Course dates & times:
  • November 19th -1000 – 1230
  • November 19th -1130 – 1600
  • November 25th  -1400 – 1630
  • November 26th  -1000 – 1230

This course is booked direct with the tutor: