An introduction to ECGs – A real ‘start at the beginning’ session for those new to ECGs, those who feel they want to refresh right from the start of ECGs, or anyone who wants to go back over the foundations again.

This course is open to ALL staff and Paramedic Science students, but Paramedic grade are advised to attend ECG Level 1 (coming soon) to ensure that they meet the minimum Trust standard.

Starting from basic cardiac anatomy and physiology, moving through to the sign and symptoms of AMI and the main management principles.

Overall Objectives:
  • To demonstrate a knowledge of the normal waveforms and lead views.
  • To demonstrate an ability to recognise a number of arrhythmias and ACS presentations.
Session programme:
  • Basic A&P including cardiac structures and conduction pathways.
  • Basic waveforms, normal values and lead views.
  • ECG interpretation methods.
  • Recognition and management of arrhythmias and ACS.

*Please note – These sessions will be held in Derriford, please bear this in mind when applying from a county further north of this location.*

All session will run from 13:00-15:00 on the following dates:
  • Friday 22nd July
  • Tuesday 16th August

This course is booked direct with the tutor: