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During this workshop we will discuss what it means to be a leader and manager that understands the benefits of engaging with a diverse workforce. It is designed to develop the knowledge and understanding of being an inclusive leader and, as importantly, how this is practically applied back in the workplace.

This workshop will contribute to achieving the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) Award in Leadership and Management at either Level 3 or 5.

Inclusive leaders are experts at adapting their leadership style to different groups and live situations. This allows them to communicate effectively across cultures, and to visibly champion difference as a diversity ally. Furthermore, by successfully managing unconscious bias – in themselves and others – they are able to unlock the best diverse talent and build inclusive, high-performing teams who achieve great things.

This workshop will explore a range of techniques but its main focus will be to engage you in a way that will inspire, empower and provide you with the practical skills to ‘make things happen’. In addition, you will learn how to implement new ways of working, to effectively communicate and to develop effective interventions for use when individuals are demonstrating behaviours within the workplace that fall below the standards of the organisation. Professional ways of challenging these instances can make a real difference to peoples working lives, health and wellbeing.”



Date & Time

15th November – 1 day (actual times TBC)

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