This workshop will be run in a COVID secure environment using real world operational PPE and COVID procedures. You will be practising ALS under the guidance and tuition of a local LDO, making sure by the end of the session you can walk out feeling fully up to date and working at the top of your game.

You will also have the opportunity to hone and refresh your normal ALS skills in this no pressure, no judgement ALS workshop, enabling you to feel confident and competent.

All grades – This workshop will be more suitable for Paramedics, NQPs and Students who have already learnt PALS, as it will be focused on practicing advanced life support skills and procedures.

You are welcome to attend as a different grade, and we are sure it will be a valuable experience, but please bear in mind the above.

*See the bottom of the page for more dates in other areas – more will be added as they are available*
These workshops will be located at Taunton Ambulance Station. See the map below.
All workshops will take place in a risk assessed Covid secure environment. These workshops are voluntary, so if you feel uncomfortable¬† with this, please don’t attend. If you have booked and want to change your mind, please just let us know so we can open up your space to someone else.
All timings for the ALS, NLS and PALS course shall be taking place at 08:30-12:30 & 13:00-17:00.
The dates are as follows:


  • 17/12/20
  • 21/12/20
  • 23/12/20
  • 06/01/21
  • 07/01/21
  • 08/02/21
  • 22/02/21
  • 02/03/21
  • 08/03/21
  • 22/03/21


  • 14/12/20
  • 19/12/21
  • 20/01/21
  • 18/02/21
  • 19/02/21
  • 05/03/21
  • 18/03/21
  • 19/03/21

Taunton Ambulance Station