The past few months of increased demand, REAP black and major incident declaration saw the Trust take a very reluctant decision to suspend face-to-face education. It has always been the intention to restart, whilst continuing to balance delivering a response to our patients. The impact of COVID-19 on our resourcing remains significant, particularly in the midst of continued high demand and REAP Black. Despite this, our commitment to bring back development days is not faltering, however we will need to take small and cautious steps.

Therefore the development day theory content for ECAs will be made available through ESR for those who wish to access it, and if you choose to do this you will be eligible to be paid five hours overtime.

The ECA development day theory content is available through ESR via the button below. It is not mandatory, but if you want to complete it, you will be paid five hours overtime at your normal rate.

Overtime payment process

Each week a report will be sent to the ROC confirming who has completed the e-development day on ESR to process your overtime.

Please note that list of people who have completed this course will be sent by the People Analytics team to ROC weekly, so they can add your overtime. There will be a small amount of time between your completion and the report being sent.

Please also remember that overtime is paid a month in arrears when checking your pay slip.

A face-to-face element, delivered by learning and development officers, will be available on stations and at hospitals.

This session has been designed to be fun and interactive to support our ECAs.

Please click below or use the link at the bottom for more details.